How is my birthday over already?

Yesterday was a fabulous day. As I am sure you are aware, I ran 21 miles on my 21st birthday! That was the longest I have ever run in my life, but I had great friends there running with me, and it went by fairly fast! I was super proud at the end and thrilled I had done it! I was also completely exhausted. 

Thankfully, my mom and I had booked massages and pedicures for the afternoon at the Wellness Within Spa. I highly recommend a 60 minute massage after every long run. It felt amazing. I had a registered massage therapist (read; thanks extended health care) and she really really really dug into my muscles. She started in my shoulders and apparently I was really sore and tense there. I told her that I had just done a long run so when she got down to my legs she had to reduce the pressure a little bit because my hamstrings and calves were so sensitive. 

After our massages, we got 90 minute pedicures. We sat in big massage chairs for our pedicures. That is definitely the best way to have a pedicure. I felt like jello after my massage so it was nice to sink into a big chair that reclined and gave you a massage. 

I don’t know how the 90 minutes went by so fast but it did. The pedicure included a paraffin foot treatment and it was the weirdest/coolest feeling ever. They put hot wax on your feet and cover them in a plastic bag and the wax dries and hardens. After a few minutes of sitting with the warm wax on your feet, the aesthetician slides the hardened wax right off your feet leaving them so soft. 

Usually I choose earthy or dark colours for my nails, while my mom chooses light and pastel colours for hers, but yesterday was the complete opposite. I choose pastel mint green, while she chose dark red. I felt like I needed a spring colour on my toes!

While waiting for our toes to dry, we went upstairs from the spa and got some coffee. I, of course, got an americano with some steamed almond milk. I can’t say it was great, but… they tried. I’ll be going to Starbucks next time 😉 My mom looked at me drinking my coffee and told me how tired and haggard I looked… always nice to hear on your birthday, ha! What can I say, after I ran 21 miles and then almost fell asleep during the massage and pedicure… I was quite exhausted!

Sometimes a delicious home cooked meal is the best birthday dinner you could ask for. I couldn’t decide where I wanted to go out for dinner (and my choices were limited by the number of restaurants that would allow me to wear sweats or pajamas to dinner) so we dined at home and had delicious spinach and cheese lasagna. It isn’t something we usually have for dinner so it tasted extra delicious. My mom insisted on tying the balloon to my chair which resulted in me walking into it each time I got up from the table. 

After dinner we attempted waiting for my brother to get off of work before we ate cake… that didn’t work out so well… I wanted cake 🙂 Chocolate angel food cake. SO GOOD.

Chocolate angel food cake topped with a mixture of Cool Whip and chocolate pudding and sliced strawberries. The cake is so light and fluffy that it is perfectly acceptable to have two giant slices of cake. The whipped chocolate topping adds the perfect creaminess to the cake and the strawberries make you feel like you are eating something really healthy, even when you are not.

We were able to wait for Stuart to open presents though. I gave me parents plenty of perfectly acceptable and practical birthday gift ideas like an at-home spin studio or a Hydro Track underwater treadmill but I still didn’t know what they would end up giving me. I am way too spoiled. First my grandma got these… uh… slippers?

They obviously looked super cute with my compression socks and shorts on. 

One thing I completely didn’t expect was this gift from my parents: A psychic reading!! Don’t laugh, but my mom and I have always wanted to have our cards read and meet with a psychic. I have a feeling my dad had nothing to do with this gift because he freaks out and rants about trash television whenever he finds me watching Long Island Medium on tv. I am seriously so excited to meet with this chick… TELL ME MY FUTURE!! 

My parents also gave me this gorgeous Roxy purse. My favourite purse is a Roxy one I got about 7 years ago and it is in the final days of its life unfortunately. My mom told me that this purse would make me look sophisticated… I think she was hinting at something 😉 I love it, and if you do too, check it out here

Because my parents are the best and go above and beyond with everything… they gave me another amazing gift… a NEW Garmin watch! I have been hinting (not so subtly) about how much I would love a watch with a heart rate monitor and how cool some of the best Garmin watches are. It something completely unnecessary and I have the Garmin Forerunner 10 which I LOVE to pieces, it was a total “want” not “need” but I guess that is what birthday presents are for. I couldn’t thank them enough!

I get a discount at the Running Room now, which I think I have mentioned a time or two 😉 so my parents gave me a gift card for RR with the exact amount to get a new Garmin. I am undecided whether I would like to buy the Garmin 220 or the Garmin 620. The 620 is more advanced that the 220 but it is also $160 more than the 220! Here is a comparison:

Garmin 220: $339.99 

The Garmin 220 features a colour display, button operation and a hinged wristband that’s comfortable for any sized wrist. The 2200 measures essential running data like distance, pace, and heart rate and offers vibration alerts and a post-run summary. The built-in accelerometer tracks distance for your indoor track and treadmill workouts, with no need for a foot pod. 

Garmin 620: $499.99

The Garmin 620 offers advanced features like recovery advisor, race predictor, and VO2 max estimate. HRM-Run monitor adds feedback on running form by showing our cadence, ground contact time, and vertical oscillation, or degree of bounce. The built-in accelerometer tracks distance for your indoor track or treadmill workouts, with no need for a foot pod. The 620 also offers vibration alerts and a post-run summary. 

Main differences: The 660 has… 

  • Touch screen
  • VO2 max estimate
  • Recovery advisor
  • Race predictor
  • Running dynamics
  • Virtual partner
  • buuuuuutttt the 220 is purple. 
Thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes, it was a fabulous day filled with the best activities – running, massage, pedicure, and eating cake. 

I took it easy today because my foot still has a bit of pain in it and I DON’T want an injury. I did 15 minutes of elliptical, 35 minutes of arm strength training, and then 10 minutes of abs and stretching.   NO running whatsoever and though the rest of my body felt great, I knew my foot couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t run!


  1. If you were looking for a uber detailed review of the 620, I found this one helpful:

    I have a 620 that I really like. The cadence, vertical oscillation, and ground contact time features I find very handy – especially the cadence. I use the virtual partner on most runs where I need to stick to a set pace.
    I can’t say I use the Recovery Advisor feature – I have a training plan from my coach I stick to.
    I think the race predictor is fairly accurate, and it seems to update with each run as it gathers more data about me.
    The only downside I’ve found so far is the indoor pace and distance tracking. I’ve only managed to have it accurate about half the time (probably 3 out of 6 attempts so far). It’s probably a user issue with me though :).

    – Shawn

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