I recommend bringing people to the gym to entertain you.

Last night, like I promised myself (and the blogging world), I did some rowing for cross training day. I did 10 km, and beat my time from last session when I rowed 10 K. I had to walk a couple of laps around the indoor track before there was a rower available for me to use. I guess stationary rowing is popular? It gave me the chance to walk around a bit in my NEW shoes though, so that was good! I love them. The feeling of new cushioning is wonderful. 

The rowing actually went really well! I had a friend there for most of it and talking to someone really makes the time go by faster. I was able to watch people running/jogging/skipping/walking around the indoor track and that was entertaining too. I highly recommend bringing people to the gym to entertain you… it really makes your workout even more awesome. I was actually so distracted that I didn’t even notice how much my hands hurt. I am taping them next time.

I had the most random dinner ever after rowing but the strange combination of foods actually worked really well and I will definitely be making it again. I got home from the gym last night and was too tired and hungry to even know what to make for dinner (anyone else get that feeling?) so I just thought of a couple of things that sounded good and combined them into a meal. Roasted butternut squash, goat cheese, an egg cooked sunny side up with a runny yolk, and green onions. DELICIOUS. 

I was very impatient and very hungry, so I had a garden salad while the squash was cooking. I would say “side salad” but you know that the salad was probably bigger than most people’s main course salads. It contained avocado so it was automatically amazing. I don’t know what it was about the butternut squash, goat cheese, egg, and green onion combination, but it was really good. The steam from the squash and egg melted the goat cheese, and the runny yolk coated everything in liquid goodness… it was like heaven in my mouth. I think I should be a food critic. 

I hit up the gym this morning for my usual Friday tempo run. Another rest period of less than 12 hours in between gym sessions. At least it wasn’t back to back running! I was getting ready to go at 5:15 am and guess who decides to join me at this ridiculous hour… my mom! She just got a pair of new shoes and wanted to try them out for her 7 mile run this morning! 

I also had a 7 mile run on my schedule, with 3 miles at tempo pace. According to the Runner’s World plan, tempo pace for three miles is 7:23 min/mile. I warmed up for two miles, then kicked it up on the treadmill to 8.1 mph and settled there for three miles (which is a 7:24 min/mile pace). It wasn’t too awful, but I was definitely sweating like crazy. I had the same friend from rowing there this morning to distract me from my run… I may never want to workout alone again. I cooled down after the tempo with two three miles, so my 7-miler turned into 8… well actually 9. After I ran, I did 25 minutes of arm strength training, 10 minutes of core, and then hopped on the treadmill for another really slow mile to finish off my workout. It’s always wonderful to leave the gym in the bright sunshine!

Happy to be done my run, loving the blue sky, and off to work at the Running Room for the morning! Aka. I showered after the gym and got to put running clothes right back on again (clean ones, don’t worry ;). 

Solo workouts or do you like running/exercising with other people?


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