I was either swimming or sweating a lot.

It was either really really hot in the gym this morning, or I was randomly sweating an inordinate amount. Or both. It was tempo-run day and it was hard. My scheduled distance and pace was actually the same as last week but this week it felt a lot harder, possibly because I had no one to talk to on the treadmill. In fact, I think throughout my entire run there was no one on the treadmills beside me… it couldn’t be because of my pool of sweat?

I did 7.0 miles with 3 tempo miles at 7:24 min/mile pace. I used to think the pre-set “cool down” on the treadmills was far too long but now I feel like my heart rate has barely begun to slow down and the cool down period is already over. I walked for an additional few minutes on the treadmill to wipe off all of my sweat cool down more. I hit up the stair-master just to add to my sweat sesh. 20 minutes of intervals on that bad boy and just as I was about to finish my dad showed up at the gym.

My dad asked me to add some of my spin playlists to his iPod (I guess he wants to do my spin classes but without me teaching? 😉 so when he showed up at the gym I knew he was headed straight to the spin bikes. I joined him for a 20 minute easy ride, moderate gear at 95 rpm. I was wearing my new running shorts so I wasn’t exactly dressed for riding a bike and I knew that any longer than 20 minutes and it would be painful. I coached my dad from the bike beside him and then left him to do a few drills I suggested, while I did 10 minutes of abs and headed home.

What? How did this picture get in here? I guess I “accidentally” focused on my calf muscles while taking a picture of my new shorts. 

When I got home from one of the sweatiest workouts ever, who knows why, I was craving a bowl of oatmeal. I usually have a protein pancake (which has oats in it) but this morning I wanted an actual bowl of hot oatmeal. With peanut butter obviously. It was incredible. You know when you haven’t had something in a really long time and then try it again it is is everything you remember and more? I am very passionate about oatmeal.

Seeing more and more types of fruit in the grocery stores is so exciting. I can’t wait until summer when there is all kinds of produce in season. Raspberries and watermelon… it has been too long. The price we pay for living in the arctic I suppose.

It amazes me how different the exact same workout can feel just one week later. I think it is because my mileage is increasing and the more I run, the harder some workouts are. I am hydrating like a machine today because after I donated blood on Wednesday I don’t think I drank enough water… which makes a huge difference in how I feel throughout the day! I felt it was safe to donate blood this early in my training but when the lovely reception lady asked if I wanted to rebook for the same time on May 28… aka 3 days before my marathon… I said no. I talk a bit about the effects of donating blood on your running here. It is just too close to race day but I will definitely rebook after the race! 

Study day. Wish me luck.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?! 


  1. After my 8 mile run this morning in the cold, and once I thawed my frozen hands, I had my usual bowl of all bran buds with strawberries, and my loving husband made me a peppermint latte, which was delicious!

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