In the mood for spicy.

One of my favourite dinners is a veggie stir-fry. It is so easy to make, fills me up, is healthy and full of nutrients and vitamins and all of that fun stuff, and it can be made so many different ways. I usually put my stir-fry over brown rice or wild rice and my favourite is a blend of the two. Last night I was craving something spicy. It got to 12 degrees (that’s PLUS 12!) yesterday and all I wanted to do was eat hot food and drink hot drinks? I had soup for lunch, tea in the morning, an americano in the afternoon, and a spicy stir-fry for dinner… weird.

 I normally use pretty much every vegetable in my fridge to make a stir-fry (broccoli, carrots, zucchini, celery, peppers, mushrooms, all that jazz) but when I started frying up vegetables, I had in my head I was making fajitas and stuck with half of an onion, a yellow pepper, and an orange pepper. My family thinks I am crazy because green bell peppers are my favourite kind, and they think those ones are the worst and have no flavour. I beg to differ. Did you know that red bell peppers actually have the most vitamins?

Once the onions and peppers were cooked, I decided to try my hand at a “Mexican stir-fry” and diced up a tomato to add to the pan. To add a little bit more tomato and a little bit more a lot more spice, I added about half a cup of medium salsa to the pan, as well as some taco seasoning, and cooked it until the liquid aspect of the salsa had cooked off. 

I cooked some wild rice blend for the “base” of my stir-fry. This awesome rice blend is from Costco and it is the bomb dot com. There is so much flavour to this stuff, unlike plain old brown rice, it is full of different textures and tastes really hardy and amazing. Usually if I try making one serving of rice I burn it to the bottom of the pot or something, but this stuff comes out perfectly no matter how much you make.

In order to add some protein to the dish, I decided on beans. Mexican cooking requires beans I think, so naturally they tasted perfect with this. We had some refried beans in the fridge so I heated those up and actually put them on the plate before anything else. The refried beans and rice were the perfect base for the spicy stir fry, and when I dug my fork in the veggies, I could also get some rice and beans in each bite as well!

I placed the vegetable mixture on top, added a spoonful of sour cream and some chopped green onions (because green onions make everything 43X better). It was really delicious! The sour cream helped to cool it down a bit because it was super spicy. It certainly satisfied my craving for something hot!

Stir-frys are so versatile. You can pretty much pick out a flavour you are craving and go with it, using different veggies, carb bases, meats or other protein sources, and then adding various sauces and toppings to create what you want!

Carb-o-licious base:
Spaghetti Squash
… and if you are no fun, steamed zucchini or cauliflower are good too.

Green beans
Water-chestnuts (are these a vegetable?)
Bean Sprouts

Black beans
Refried beans
Tofu (Can’t say I’ve tried a tofu stir-fry. Last time I cooked with tofu I made a vegan chili and it tasted like I was eating pieces of rubber glove, sooo…)

Soya sauce
Sweet and sour
Peanut butter (PB + soya sauce = love)

Green Onions 
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds
aka. anything you fancy.

I feel like I get so many servings of vegetables when I eat stir-frys. It. is. awesome. Here in Canada, it is Roll-Up the Rim time at Tim Hortons. I am not a fan of their coffee/lattes/hot-chocolate but their tea is really good. Apple cinnamon is my favourite, so after yoga on Monday my mom and I stopped to get some tea. I think you can tell we don’t go to Tim Hortons very often because we don’t even know how to get into our beverages. 

Are YOU a stir-fry lover? Any favourite recipes?

Have YOU rolled up the rim yet? 


  1. I like ginger, curry, broccoli and chicken stir fry over rice.
    I thought I was the only Canadian in the whole world that does not like Tim’s coffee. I drink their steeped tea, and when you buy your take out drink make sure to ask for a domed lid. They have them but you have to ask and they are so much better than the regular ones they use that are horrible.

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