It took me three days… I caved.

I have worked three shifts at the Running Room so far. I am actually surprised that I lasted this long without buying new shoes. I am forced to stare at them all day at work now, and it has been extremely difficult to resist the temptation. I caved yesterday. I spent half an hour after my shift running in and out of the back room and trying on a bunch of different shoes. 

My go-to brands are Brooks and New Balance. I have a long and narrow foot and it seems both brands build the toe box fairly narrow, which is awesome. I have grown accustomed to a lighter shoe after running in the Brooks PureCadence for most of my speed work and tempo runs. I don’t like I ton of cushioning, but I usually need a stability shoe. Yes… I am aware of how high maintenance I am  😉

I have been rotating my New Balance 870-V2s and my Brooks PureCadence2s for the past couple of months. I tried on the Brooks Ravenna 5s (I LOVED the 3s), Saucony Guide 7s, New Balance 860s, and New Balance 870-V3s. I really wanted the Ravennas back in my life but they just didn’t feel right. In the end, it was a go-with-what-you-know shoe decision. 

I ended up with the New Balance 870-V3s. They are simply the newer version of the ones I have been wearing (and bought two pairs of because I love them so much). They are so light, they don’t feel overly cushioned, but they have a lot of support. They are nice and bright blue too, so that’s fun!

Here is what New Balance has to say about these shoes:

I can’t wait to try out my new shoes. I have a fairly good idea of what they are like because I have the previous version right now, but it is always exciting to do your first run in some new shoes. A great reminder when buying new shoes is to look at the soles of your current shoes to see where they have worn down the most. Sometimes it will give you a good idea of how you are running, whether you are pronating, heel-striking, or just rubbing in a certain area, looking at the soles can give you a good idea of where to start when buying a new pair. Whenever I try on new shoes, I become very aware of how much the cushioning has worn down in my current shoes!

Running Room staff discount is a wonderful thing. I have found a few articles that talk about the benefits of rotating shoes to reduce injury and I fully believe them all (because I want to buy lots and lots of shoes). I do think that having different shoes for different running workouts or even activities is really beneficial. I love doing intervals in my light PureCadences, but I need a little more support for my long runs. It’s all about finding what works for YOU! 

Oh, you know how I said my mom really likes celebrating holidays. Well… green mashed potatoes were apparently necessary for St. Patricks Day dinner. They looked like Play-Doh. 

We also had lots of green vegetables yesterday as well.

I hope that I don’t come home with negative pay cheques every day, but I sure have learned a lot already about running shoes and I can’t wait to wear my new ones! Heel drops, pronation, outsoles, toe box… I have been absorbing it all. The most important thing I have learned about buying running shoes – find ones that work for YOU and your activities! 

What running shoes did you do your last run in? Favourite brand?


  1. Those are some sexxy sneaks!! love em. I jsut did my last two runs in my Saucony Triumphs. Love em and the colour!! I am waiing for my new balance 980s to come in…dying to try em!

  2. Those are some sweet shoes!!! Can you recommend a brand/type of shoes for a woman with slightly wide feet? (I’m currently wearing shoes I inherited from my teenage son, and yeah, kind of need a new pair). I have a Running Room a few blocks from work, so I could check out what you recommend!

    1. For wide feet, almost all shoes come in a wider width if you order them! The standard women’s width is B, but they are also made in D if you need the extra room! Some brands are also typically wider than others like Asics and New Balance.

  3. Love the new shoes! I am totally jealous of the discount. 😉 I ran my last long run in Asics Kayano 20. I need new shoes soon!! I enjoy rotating as well during training. It really does help prevent injury.

  4. I’ve run in the Newton Motion for a long time and still love them – by far my favourite, and the updated Motion III is even better. I’ve tried rotating in a few others along the way (Pearl Izumi, Asics, and NB Minimus) but the Newtons always seem to feel the best.
    – Shawn

  5. Can’t wait to pick up a new pair tomorrow while you are working! You forgot to mention the Irish Rovers playing in the background during dinner!

  6. Oh – I LOVE the colors!!! I have been running in Brooks Adrenaline for 3 years …but just this weekend purchased a pair of the new Mizuno Wave Inspire….cross your fingers they work 🙂

  7. i’m currently running in newtons, but am actually heading to the running store after work in search of a new pair… may have to try these new balances on, i have a long narrow foot as well!

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