It’s finally SPRING! (I think)

Happy First Day of Spring! I don’t know how much this day actually means in Canada, because our winter doesn’t tend to stick nicely to the December to March calendar season. Last year, it snowed in May. This year however, the past few weeks have been surprisingly warm (thanks, climate change) and it has felt like actual spring in March! That is, until today, you know, the actual first day of spring.

My mom and I checked the forecast and thought we should get out for a little walk after dinner last night, before the blowing snow began overnight. Every time we think about going for a walk, it is kind of difficult to get out the door and leave the warm, cozy house, but once we do, we are so glad we did. A little fresh air after dinner feels so good. 

I know that lots of places in Canada have tons of snow left, so I am pretty thankful that we can actually see grass on the ground right now and most of our snow has melted! My relatives in Manitoba got hit hard this year, and their spring season means lots of flooding. Fun times. I suggest investing in a canoe now people. 

Nevertheless, I decided to wear spring colours this morning. I will not let Mother Nature win 😉 Spring pastel colours make me happy. Peach, pink, mint green, yellow, baby blue = love. It is so refreshing to see all of these gorgeous colours in the stores. Oh and my new running shoes are the perfect spring colours!

If nothing in this post makes sense, I blame this book. And this author who has incredible writing. And my mother for suggesting I read this book. It is obviously not my fault that I stayed up way too late last night finishing this book. It was SO good. I didn’t cry four times like when I read her last book, but it was still emotional, intriguing, and I couldn’t put it down (hence the dark circles under my eyes and possibly many grammatical errors in my writing today)! “The Girl You Left Behind” by Jojo Moyes is a good read!

In all efforts to procrastinate as much as I can as I near final exams in school, I have been spending a lot of time on Buzzfeed. <– Don’t click that link, you will regret it… it is too late for me but SAVE YOURSELVES! Instead, I will tell you all of the important things I discovered while procrastinating yesterday… like 60 Food Facts that will blow your mind. 

This is gross. 

Actually, THIS is gross. 

I live in fear of this every single day of my life. Actually, I live in fear of someone catching me with peanut butter sticking to the roof of my mouth. Maybe I should just not eat so much peanut butter? Haha… that is not going to happen. 

Lifelong goal anyone?

Oh and I took a bunch of quizzes on Buzzfeed and it turns out that if I were a cookie, I would be peanut butter (go figure), if I were to go back to university, I should major in environmental science (I guess I’m in the right program in school), and if an actress were to play me in a movie, it would be Emma Watson (this made me way too happy).

I hope that the spring weather comes back soon, preferably so I can do my Sunday long run outside this weekend! Today is cross training day and I am forcing myself to hit up the rower after school. I built a new playlist with a bunch of awesome remixes and high energy songs to get me through a rowing session. I need all of the help I can get when avoiding boredom on the rower. Happy First Day of Spring!

Does it feel like spring where YOU are? Is there a website that all too easily distracts YOU? 


  1. Manitoba still has a ridiculous amount of snow. I drive a Ford Escape, and when I park it on the street the snowbank in the front yard HIDES it entirely from view if you’re in the house…crazy…

  2. Happy Spring!

    We are currently experiencing a wind and rain storm here in Nova Scotia. :S I guess I’d rather that than snow. 😀

    The site that distracts me is my Blogger Dashboard!!!! LOL. I’d apparently read blogs than do anything else.

  3. Will you post a playlist? I’m always looking for new workout songs!!
    Ps – I’m in edmonton too and I was so sad to see the weather this morning!!
    Happy spring!

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