It’s not about running?

I feel like I have posted about random running stuff for far too long and finally I have a cross training day and it’s not all about running on this post! We haven’t had a big snowfall here in central Alberta for a while but we keep getting little bits of snow every once and a while. Just enough to keep me off the streets and on the treadmill (well, who are we kidding, I would gladly run on there anyway πŸ˜‰ and to make everything look so pretty. Let’s pretend I was trying to be artsy with this photo instead of not bothering to stop walking while I take a picture because my hands were cold. 

It is suppose to warm up to ABOVE ZERO by the weekend and I can’t wait! I normally choose running books or running magazines and such to read when I have a spare moment from text-book-school reading but my mom got a book for Christmas that she recommended so I gave it a shot. It’s called “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. 

Before you read this book… grab a giant box of tissue. I cried FOUR times reading this book – it is so good. It is a very well written novel about a young girl who gets let go from her job at a cafe and desperately needs a job to financially support her family. She randomly applies to be a caretaker of a wealthy quadriplegic man in his 30s and surprisingly gets the job. When she starts her position she hates it, and the quadriplegic man, Will, is rude, critical, and constantly annoyed with her. Over time she discovers how much Will misses his old life, before the accident that put him in a wheelchair, and how desperately he wants to end his life. She spends her days trying to convince him that his new life is worth living but it is a struggle to even get him out of his house. 

The author does an incredible job with this book and I could not put it down. Last night I could barely see through my tears trying to finish the last chapter of the book! Seriously, grab some Kleenex, and then go get this book. It is a big old reality check in the importance of living your life to the fullest πŸ™‚

Crazy stuff. 

Today was cross training day and I hit up the gym very undecided as to what I should do for a workout. I wanted to strength train but the gym is always so busy in the weight area when I am done school so I walked the track with my mom for 20 minutes and then decided to do some rowing. I know… rowing. Gross.

I set the rower for a 30 minute session and when I was done that I figured I could do a little bit more. For a girl who hates the rower, wanting to stay on for a little bit longer is very rare and I thought I should take advantage of this sudden enthusiasm for rowing. I managed to make it 6.2 km in 30 minutes (don’t do the math, I am fully aware of how slow I am ;). I wanted to go for 10 km so I did another 3800 m of rowing and called it a day. My hands didn’t think 10 km was a good idea.

I was only slightly jealous of the people running around the track while I was rowing but I knew my legs needed a rest after skipping rest day on Monday and running six days in a row. I can’t believe I stayed on that rower for so long. 1 rower minute = 10 real life minutes. I guess this is how most people feel about the treadmill. 

My mom has another one of Jojo Moyes books and she says it is also a good one… I best go get another box of tissues. 


  1. My friend recommended that book and said it was awesome. Glad you liked it too. Now I must read it πŸ™‚

    My butt kills when I row! I used to love it when I was in school but I tried it again and it killed my butt. Must get a seat cushion or something πŸ™‚

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