Just another fabulous spin class.

I probably could come home from spin class every Tuesday night and write a post about how much I love my spin class but I don’t because you might get a little bored of that. I am always so full of endorphins on Tuesday nights that I just want to talk and talk and talk about how wonderful my evening was sweating my brains out at spin class. I even finished my water bottle during my workout!

Before spin I did my scheduled 5 mile easy run that turned into a progression run as I warmed up on the treadmill. 

Mile 1 @ 8:43
Mile 2 @ 8:20
Mile 3 @ 8:13
Mile 4 @ 8:06
Mile 5 @ 7:48

Next up was spin class and we did a ton of sprinting drills that were awesome. I will tell you about one specific drill that was really FUN. My mom claims that “spin” and “fun” cannot be in a sentence together but I disagree. This drill was TWELVE minutes long with no breaks and it felt like 1.2 minutes it was so great!

At the beginning of class my instructor told us each to grab a piece of paper from a hat. There was a number written on the paper, either 1, 2, or 3. We did our usual warm-up and some sprinting pyramids and then for the middle part of the class we did the twelve minute paper drill. Each number represented a different type of drill. 1 = standing sprint, 2 = seated climb, and 3 = seated sprint. One at a time we went around the class and did 30 seconds of whatever that person had on their paper. There are about 24 people in the class, at 30 seconds each, that makes the total drill about 12 minutes long with no break. It actually went by so fast because you didn’t know what was coming next! The only terrible part was when the last three people all had the number “3” and we had to sprint super fast for 90 seconds. 

I was looking up spin songs the other day and found the universally unanimous favourite spin cool down song. “Let Her Go” by Passenger. I may or may not have listened to it on repeat on my way to school because I love it so much.

Speaking of being on my way to school, I love Tuesdays because my brother gets to take the bus with me to University. I said “gets to” purposely because I know if you asked him I’m sure he would say that he is very happy that he GETS to join me on the bus 😉 Usually we sit together but it was pretty full when we got on this morning so we sat across from each other. He is clearly thrilled to be up at 6:45 am and is fully aware that his photo is being taken. 

I tend to give it my all in spin class, which makes for tough and fun times in class, but some sore legs and a tough Wednesday interval run the next day. It is hard to balance things like strength training and running or spin class and running because I want to save my leg power to rock my runs, but I also know that giving it everything in spin makes my legs stronger overall and that will also benefit my running. I’m still learning to balance all of the workouts that I love and even though I get only about 12 hours of rest between my two-hour run and spin workout and my morning interval run the next day – I love spin and don’t plan on giving it up!

When I left spin class tonight it was just after 7 PM and there was STILL LIGHT IN THE SKY. 

(Don’t fret dad, I pulled over to take this picture.) 

I promise I won’t continuously talk about how awesome my spin class is every Tuesday. I think it’s my endorphins talking sometimes 😉 I have been playing that Passenger song over and over and I am still not tired of it!

How do YOU balance running and weights/spin/etc.?


  1. Spin is one of my favourite cross training activities. It’s just such a high energy, kick ass workout! I like the paper drill idea, I may have to mention it to my instructor!

  2. You’re totally inspiring me to get back into spin and weights. I do some resistance training – pushups, dips, situps every morning. But I slack during marathon training because I’m afraid to be too tired for the run workout. So I don’t have good advice or feedback on balancing it but look forward to reading about how you do it 🙂

  3. I love it! I’ve been meaning to take a spin class, and will do so this weekend. I heard it is great for cross training for running. As for the 5 miler prior… I’m so not there yet. You are so inspiring!!

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