Nail polish makes me feel tough.

Last night my family and I went out for dinner to Earls. We hadn’t gone out for dinner as a family since October, and we had a gift card for Earls, so Friday night felt like the perfect time to relax, NOT cook, and go out for some food. I had my phone with me so we got some super awesome and definitely not blurry photos. 

I think my mom said something funny and/or strange right after that picture because we look intrigued in this one. We don’t go out for dinner often as a family because it is usually so expensive, not always super healthy, and we make pretty awesome food at home. That said, it is always nice to get out of the house for the evening and spend some quality time together. March madness was on the TVs at the restaurant though, so I am not sure my brother was totally with us for most of dinner. 

My mom had the Pecan Chicken Rocket Salad and said it was really good. She didn’t like the beets in it that much but I think that is just because she doesn’t like trying new vegetables 😉 The rest was really good though, plus goat cheese on salad makes is automatically delicious. She had a glass of wine with her salad but I think she was eyeing up my dad’s beer a little.

My dad got the Hunan Kung Pow wok dish, which was a spicy noodle dish with vegetables and a ginger soy sauce. You could get it with 1-6 hunan peppers depending on how spicy you wanted it. He got three but found a fourth when he was eating it. My dad is always really brave at restaurants with spice. I usually go mild because I don’t want to be crying and screaming that my throat is bleeding in public, but he just goes for it. My brother got the Cajun blackened chicken and said it was AMAZING. He couldn’t stop talking about basketball how moist and flavourful his chicken was. He recommends it for sure. Oh, and yes, since he shaved it off for cancer, the moustache has been kept off of my dad’s face. He keeps getting compliments on his youthful look so until those die down, I think he’ll be keeping his clean shaven face. 

Usually I am super high maintenance at a restaurant, “dressing for my salad on the side,” “extra vegetables,” “no cheese,” “could I get mushrooms on that?” but last night I went plain jane, no modifications, Margherita Pizza. It wasn’t to die for but it was pretty good. The tomato sauce tasted fresh so that was good but I definitely would have liked more flavour 🙂 I really liked that it was super thin crust though – that is my fave!

I randomly painted my nails last night. I try and find really fast drying nail polishes because I always mess up my nail polish after getting really impatient while they dry. This colour is called “Espresso” and for some reason I am loving dark nail polish still instead of bright spring colours. 

Whenever I paint my nails a dark colour I feel super badass. It is pretty much the only thing that could be considered “edgy” in my look, so I go with it. Neon shoes and pink clothes don’t exactly say “hardcore,” so with my nails painted, I rock it. One word = FIERCE. (Cue Beyonce). 

I had such a solid workout at the gym today. After some weights yesterday, my arms and chest were a little sore today (it doesn’t take much to stress the lack of muscle in my arms). I did lots of cardio and sweat my butt off, then I did some core work so I could lay on the ground and watch the hot guys running around the track. I did my scheduled easy 4 mile training run (8:34 min/mile), then rowed, yes, ROWED for the second time this week, for 5 km, then did 30 minutes of intervals on the spin bikes. My spin routine was the same as last time… 4 minutes seated sprint, 1 minute standing climb, add a gear and repeat for 6 intervals. Sweat, sweat, and sweat. I did about 20 minutes of abs and glute bridges. 

I was certainly ready for a filling breakfast when I got home from the gym. My go-to = protein pancake with fruit and nut butter. It is pretty much a rotation between this amazing breakfast and a veggie breakfast scramble. Egg whites are my jam. Not literally jam… in case that was confusing 😉

I love only going out for dinner occasionally with my family. It makes it special and we all appreciate it even more. It is even better when we have a gift card. Despite being limited to the restaurant we had a gift card for, we really enjoyed it and almost always have had good food at Earls. Randomly, I saw so many regular customers from when I worked at Starbucks there, it felt like I knew everyone… not their names, but I could certainly point out “Mr. Tall No Room Pike Coffee” and “Mrs. Nonfat Caramel Macchiato.” 🙂

How often do YOU go out for dinner? Favourite place to eat?


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