Pyramid Speed Workout.

I have really been liking speed days. I mean I still want to vomit after my intervals and I get nervous before my workout, but I like them because I really have to work hard when I do speed training and I feel so accomplished after my workout. Today was no exception… it was hard, but I worked my butt off and felt great when it was done!

The workout is adapted from the Runners World marathon training plan and involves 6 intervals at 6 different distances. I call it a pyramid workout simply because I have no idea what it is actually called. I had a total of 7 miles on my schedule today and with about 3 miles of intervals I warmed-up on the treadmill with 4.0 miles (~8:45 min/mile) and got caught up on all of the sports highlights.

I hit the track for my intervals (the indoor one still, dang dark and wet outdoor track). I was telling my brother how excited I was to drag him to the outdoor track when it is finally clear and dry so we could do speed workouts together and he looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe he can at least be my stopwatch boy and time me. 

Pyramid Speed Workout
The intervals get shorter, you get faster. 

1600 m 
1200 m 
800 m 
600 m 
400 m 
200 m 

Recovery: About half of the interval distance you just ran, either walking or doing a slow jog. 

Alternate title for this post: “A NEW fastest mile!” During one of my first speed training days, I did mile intervals for the first time and ran my fastest mile to date. It was a 6:46.30 and I was SO happy! Today, the first interval was 1600m (aka. a mile) and I beat my mile PR by almost 15 seconds, running a 6:31.94 mile! I guess I was really excited to start the intervals and just took off. About 500m in I had started breathing really heavily already and I think at that point I knew I was running faster than normal. I just tried to keep pace and was shocked at my time. I will never understand how people run sub-4 miles… never. 

Once I had completed the pyramid, I ran 1.5 miles to cool down, for a total of 8.5 miles, and then collapsed on a mat did abs and stretched for about 10 minutes. I was wiped. When I left, it was still kind of dark and I was wearing all black, but luckily I didn’t get hit by any cars in the parking lot because my pasty white legs act like reflectors, actually probably better than reflectors. 

How does one not love this view on their way home from an awesome speed training workout? Apparently it is suppose to get to +10 degrees Celsius today! Maybe the snow will be gone by my birthday (which is March 30, so please write that on your calendars)… that would be the best present 😉

Have YOU ever done a “pyramid workout” or do you tend to stick to repeats for speed training (ie. 6X800m or 16X400m or 4X1600m)?


  1. Those are some AWESOME splits 🙂 and congrats on the new mile PR!!! Not to mention – I am impessed with your dedication to the speed workouts.

  2. Great run! Extra bonus points for wearing the ‘Crazy Fast’ t-shirt for your speed workout 🙂
    – Shawn

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