Rediscovering almond butter.

I don’t recognize my dad anymore. A local school held their annual  Bikeathon for cancer this week, my dad and the local RCMP detachment pulled together a team to ride the 48 hours. My dad was asked if he would shave his infamous moustache to raise money and considering he always says no to that request, I was completely shocked when he agreed. He has been growing his stache since he was born… literally… and has only shaved it one other time for cancer over 15 years ago. The only stipulation was that the team had to raise $10,000 for him to have to do it. 

$11,000+ later and he is moustache-less and looks like a completely new person. He keeps getting compliments about how young he looks so he may just keep it that way 😉

I am so proud of him because he is notorious for his moustache and he likes to maintain his authoritative look. He is usually known as the “tall guy with the moustache” and when he is wearing his RCMP uniform he looks like the stereotypical Canadian policeman. I don’t know whether he thought they would actually raise the $10,000, but I think he was glad he could help raise so much money for kids with cancer. There are some news articles about the bikeathon and his stache shave here and here.

For the past week I have been craving almond butter like crazy and my wonderful mother bought me some from Costco… actually she bought me two giant jars because they were on sale! Fabulous! 

My dad and I ate a ton of almond butter last year, usually alternating between buying peanut butter and almond butter. Lately we have been sticking to peanut butter but for some strange reason I craved almond butter and now I am so glad I did. I made a protein pancake this morning and decided almond butter would go perfectly on it. Egg whites for protein, oats for carbs, and almond butter for some healthy fats… YUM.

I am pretty sure peanut butter and almond butter have very similar nutrition value. They are both healthy nuts, contain the good fats, have a few grams of protein, and are SO delicious. I love PB, but every once and a while its nice to switch it up! You really can’t go wrong with either one but I think I will take it upon myself to eat both of them as often as possible just to compare. 

I am obsessed with the Adidas running pants I bought for the Hypothermic half marathon. They are so comfy. I have secretly always wanted pants like these. All of the cool track people would wear them in high school and I always thought they looked like awesome runners just wearing those pants. In an effort to wear jeans and actual pants the least amount of time possible, I am alternating between lulu lemon tights and these Adidas track pants.

I was looking at the almond butter website (read; nerd alert) and the same brand that makes the almond butter from Costco, MaraNatha, also makes MAPLE ALMOND BUTTER. If anyone has access to this, please send me some. Immediately. 

Have YOU ever tried maple almond butter? What is the most random nut butter you have tried?


  1. So cool of your dad! I love almond butter 😀 I have that same brand here right now! I’m definitely going to try to make those protein pancakes…mmm. I will also be looking for the maple almond butter :0

  2. That’s awesome that your dad did that! And he really does look different and younger without his mustache! My dad had one for as long as I could remember and then just randomly shaved it off. I couldn’t figure out what was different the last time I went home and it was that

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