Sushi and shamrocks.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My mom loves holidays and celebrations, so I am guessing she will be making lots of green food for dinner tonight. I didn’t work up the courage to try a green smoothie for breakfast or anything and so far, the only green thing I have enjoyed this morning is green tea. Boring, I know.

Last night I obviously needed to refuel all of my glycogen stores after my SIXTEEN mile run, so lots of carbs were on the menu for dinner. I LOVE sushi, and instead of going out all of the time for expensive sushi, a few years ago, my family purchased the rolling mats to make sushi at home. All you need it seaweed sheets, sushi (sticky) rice, and whatever ingredients you want to fill your rolls or cones with. 

I chose avocado and cucumber for my rolls. When we last went out for sushi, I got the “Avocado-lover roll” which was an avocado roll with avocado in the middle and on top and it was so good, so I tried to recreate those at home. The rice was a little gummy but I thought they turned out great!

It was perfect to have a little soya sauce with the sushi rolls, you know, getting my sodium (electrolytes) in after my run. We didn’t have any wasabi but I have never been a fan of it… there is something very strange about that spice. We definitely weren’t as graceful and smooth as the sushi chefs… our hands were covered in rice, we forgot to seal some of the rolls with a splash of water, and I think I ate more cucumber than I put in the rolls, but we got the job done 😉

I think next time we will know not to cook the rice for as long, to make it less gummy. Note: Follow Pinterest directions, not the sushi rice package apparently. We still have plenty of seaweed sheets and some sushi rice left over, so I am definitely up for round two anytime! We had some carrot sticks with our sushi rolls as well, just to make sure my skin stays a permanent orange from all of the high-carotene produce I eat. 

This morning I felt surprisingly great after my run yesterday! I guess sitting around, studying and watching hockey, was a good way to rest my legs all afternoon and evening. I hit up the gym early this morning for some active recovery and did 3.0 slow miles on the treadmill, 20 minutes of the Stairmaster, 30 minutes of arm strength training, and 10 minutes of abs. Now that I am no longer working the 5:30 am shift at Starbucks, I get to workout in the morning (which is my FAVOURITE), and see the gorgeous sunrise when I am leaving the gym!

I will have to try and come up with a bunch of green foods to eat throughout the day. It’s a good thing some of my favourite foods are green (avocado, spinach, broccoli, peas :). Have a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day and let me know what green food/beverages YOU are enjoying today!


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