Week 3 Training Recap.

This week was a fairly awesome week for running towards the end of the week. Monday (ok, actually until Wednesday) I was recovering from the Hypothermic half marathon and took a very-needed day of rest… I walked for 60 minutes on the treadmill. Towards the later half of this week I felt really good with the running and today I had a fabulous long run. It was on the treadmill so how could it NOT be good?

This morning I woke up after NINE hours of solid sleep and grabbed a banana before I hit the gym. I actually wore pants to the gym today over my shorts – it was THAT cold. 

I had 11.0 miles on my training schedule today. Somehow that turned into 13.1 miles. I felt FABULOUS running today and had friends running on the treadmills next to me (they were doing 18 miles) who convinced me to add a couple more to my distance. It doesn’t take much to convince me that I should stay on the treadmill longer. I ran negative splits and warmed up with a mile or two of 8:43 min/mile and then by the end my last mile was 7:54. I love finishing strong during a run! Overall, my pace was about 8:23 min/mile. 

I even brought my water bottle for this run. I took a grand total of three sips from it, which is quite possibly a new record for me… then downed the rest after I was done running. That whole hydrating on the run thing… yup I need to work on that. 

I tried the skratch electrolyte hydration mix today and it was awesome! It was the “Lemons & Limes” flavour and they use natural fruit for flavour so there is no artificial anything! I can literally pronounce all of the ingredients, how awesome is that! What? You don’t sit on the floor of your gym after a run, mixing electrolytes into your water? 

After my awesome run, I was ready for some carbs and protein for breakfast. Enter a cinnamon raisin protein pancake with walnuts on top… and a huge bowl of fruit. The raisins were awesome in the pancake by the way… and cinnamon is always a good thing… lots and lots of cinnamon 🙂

I actually didn’t burn it this time! I added a bit of low-sugar syrup instead of peanut butter because I think I OD’d on peanut butter yesterday in honour of National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day. Apparently after my run I was craving something with lots of sugar… I burned plenty of glucose ok? 😉 

Overall it was a pretty good training week. I didn’t get a lot of strength training in this week but I did more ab and core work than normal which is always great! I had quite a few super busy days (how has unemployment made me busier?) and was glad to get all of my scheduled runs in. 

A total of 34.1 miles this week which is not heavy mileage but hopefully lots of quality miles in there 🙂 Three weeks down and only 13 weeks to go until the Calgary marathon!

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