Week 4 Training Recap.

This week was a fabulous training week. I got in some really good runs, I “accidentally” ran on one of my rest days because my legs felt so great, and today it was above zero degrees and I got to run OUTSIDE for my long run! Hallelujah! 

I think my brother thought HE was doing a long run today because yesterday he made himself “a pancake”… and by “a pancake” I mean the entire griddle was one pancake. He takes carbo-loading to a whole new level. 

He is always an expert pancake flipper but this one was just too much. I have to admit his breakfast did look super good though. “A” pancake with eggs and turkey bacon and syrup. Stuart is actually a really great cook and he always comes up with awesome  recipes and makes himself fabulous meals all the time. As you can tell, he is also really great at portion sizes too 😉 

Now that you know how much my family eats, I will tell you all about how we burn it off. RUNNING! As I said, I was kind of happy not to be on the treadmill this morning (gasp). I left my house just as the sun was rising and it was a perfect temperature for an outdoor run, about 1 or 2 degrees above zero. No wind. Sun and cloud so it wasn’t direct sun/hot on me, and blue sky = perfect running conditions. I wore tights, a long sleeve wicking shirt, a wind proof vest, headband, and gloves. The gloves came off very quickly… why do my hands get so hot?!

I set out on the country roads and I met one car in the first three miles – it was SO peaceful! As people started to wake up and get going on their Sunday mornings the traffic started to pick up but it was pretty quiet on most roads and the shoulders were clear of snow so it was great! No close encounters with death today. 

I was very thankful for the Esso station 8.43 miles in. Enough said.

The sun was shining, I didn’t have to pee anymore, and I didn’t want to stop running so I took a few detours off of my planned and scheduled 12 mile route to add a few extra miles. The sun made me, I swear.

The only downside is the fact that where I live is kind of on a hill so any run will finish going uphill. Mile 14 was tough. I always try and run my last mile at least faster than my first mile (always hoping for negative splits and such) and so I tried to run faster for the last mile… apparently my “sprint to the end” pace was 8:04. Ha, guess I was tired. I finished with 15.16 miles at an 8:26 min/mile pace!

I was happy to be done, but wanted to spend more time in the sunshine. I walked around a bit so my legs wouldn’t stiffen up and then actually stretched for a bit. It was almost SIX degrees Celsius when I was done. It felt like summer!

When I came inside I was so hot, so I tore off my tights and long sleeve shirt and did some stretching and icing. My knees and shins always seem to need to be iced the most! Of course, I downed some water and topped up my electrolytes as well! I tried the Powerade electrolyte water drops added to my water and they were great – it seems I have a new brand of electrolytes every week! 

The rest of my day consists of water water water, coffee (well, a soy americano misto), lots of food, and lots of studying. It is good that I went a few extra miles today because now I won’t want to move all day and I will be forced to sit and do homework 😉 

Here is my week in review, a great week of exercising! I had some awesome runs, nailed my paces for my 400 m interval run and my 7 mile tempo run, and capped off the week by running an awesome 12 15.16 miles this morning. Let’s hope the good weather sticks around for a while 🙂

Did YOU run this morning? How was your week?!

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  1. I did run this morning! I planned for 3 miles and ended up doing 5 because I just felt so great. For me (so far at least) that is a WAY long run. Good job on yours!

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