Week 5 Training Recap.

Another fabulous run day to cap off training week five. On Friday, I did some leg work (lunges, squats, and such) and I went to bed with very sore legs last night, hoping a good night’s rest would cure me of all stiffness. Nope. Note to self: Don’t lift weights with your legs two days before a long run. I headed out with sore legs and a determined attitude. For the first couple miles my legs were like, “Um, nope, this isn’t happening” but after they got a little warmed up they were more, “Alright, well apparently she’s not going to stop, so we’ll loosen up and make the best of it.” I exposed skin today on my run… that has to mean it is almost SPRING!

I feel like I dressed perfectly for my run – which hardly ever happens. It was nice and warm today (about 3 degrees with a bit of a breeze) but there was lots of cloud cover, so I was dressed appropriately for it. I debated wearing something over my ears and I am SO glad I did – the wind out on the country roads was very cold! I left my snot-wipers gloves on the whole time today because of the breeze!

The scheduled 13.0 16.2 mile run took me just over 2:15. I honestly felt like I was running incredibly slow the entire time and my legs were like lead with every step (squats will do that to you apparently), but I managed some pretty decent mile splits. I even kicked it into high gear for mile 16 and pulled off a 7:45 minute mile. I love doing that!

I did the same route as last week, with an extra mile tacked on close to the beginning. I always try and add mileage to a route at the start so that when I get to the end I don’t feel like I am doing extra. It is nice to get to the same point in a run and have done 10 miles instead of 9, but mentally feel like you have only done 9… does that make sense? I didn’t think so. Running is 99% psychological. 

I like being able to go “slow and steady” on long run days. After speed work and tempo runs during the week, I like not having any pace-pressure for a long run. Even though my legs felt heavy today and in some places there were icy sidewalks and I was literally running in place, I managed an 8:23 min/mile pace. 

My “average pace” was the same as my “moving pace”… aka. every time I came to a red light and was almost thankful for a little break, the light changed to green and I just kept going. It was probably for the best because if I had stopped today I don’t know whether I would have been able to get going again! In case you were wondering, yes I did add the 0.2 miles onto the end purposefully, because that means exactly 10 more miles to marathon distance. 

Another PDR (personal distance record?) in the books today! I guess that is going to happen a lot more in the next few weeks! Here is a look at week five of training… I even took an actual rest day this week! Thursday I had a long day at school and decided that instead of driving to the gym, forcing my tired body to do some cross training, and then driving home, I would rest. It was a good decision. The legs day on Friday, two days before my long run… not such a good decision 😉

A total of 40.8 miles for the week! How was YOUR week? 🙂

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  1. Great run! It’s funny sometimes, when the legs are all complainy and bitchy, but when pushed to it they settle in and get the job done. It’s days like that you know you’ve moved your training forward, and you’ll be stronger for it.

  2. Over 40 miles! Great week! And I love how your training schedule now actually calls out Monday as “Active Recovery day”.
    – Shawn

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