What if everybody ran?

Mizuno has recently released a new campaign for running that is quite brilliant. You have probably seen it all over the internet but I thought I would tell you how much I love it. Mizuno, a running gear company, did a study comparing the lives of runners with non-runners to see if there was any statistical differences. Holy, the results were pretty crazy. By simply asking the question, “What if everybody ran?” they created a hypothetical world in which people were healthier and happier.

There were some insane statistics that I wouldn’t even associate with running but somehow create huge differences in the lives of runners and non-runners. If everybody ran, there would be 46% less homeless people… I don’t know how that works but it is pretty cool.

I think this is one of my favourite. I totally believe this because spaghetti is in fact what I ate the night before my 15-miler on the weekend. Runners tend to excel in the carbo-loading process… as in 60 MILLION POUNDS per year more if everybody ran. 

In the summer I wanted to steal someone’s dog to take running with me. I have contemplated getting a dog not only because they are adorable and awesome, but because then I would have a running partner ALL THE TIME! If everybody ran there certainly would be many happier dogs, not to mention healthier dogs!

As a huge advocate of getting as much fresh air as possible (despite my huge love of treadmill running in the winter), I love this statistic. I really wish everyone realized how good being outside is, not only for your body (Hello, vitamin D!) but for your mind and soul. The temperatures changed for the better this weekend here in Alberta and despite the fact that my mom and I had worked out for two hours in the morning on Saturday, the sun was so gorgeous and the air was so fresh and crisp and spring-like, we just had to get outside and go for a nice long walk. 

Exams will be here before I know it so this one is huge for me… who knew that running helped your memory?! I spent a ton of time both running and studying this past weekend and it turns out they kind of go hand-in-hand!

After running OUTSIDE for over two hours yesterday, I sleep like a log last night. Running lets me clear my mind and the fresh air definitely helped tire me out. As long as you don’t run too close to when you go to bed, running will definitely help you sleep better!

I lied, THIS one is my favourite. It made me smile just thinking about it. I remember my 2013 Hypothermic Half marathon, I had been training for months and was ready to rock the race. I was aiming to run 9:00 min/mile and a sub-2 race, and once I started the race I knew I could do better than that. My Garmin was clicking off 7:3X min/mile and 7:4X min/mile and I felt so strong, I couldn’t stop smiling. A stranger came up to me at the end of the race and told me that I looked SO HAPPY to be running and I told him I was! I didn’t even realize how much I was smiling until he said something but that was when it clicked how happy running made me 🙂

For more info on this awesome campaign, visit the Mizuno website, or watch their Youtube videos!

What do YOU think would happen if everybody ran?


  1. It is a great campaign. I would love it if more people ran – esp those I work with. Some are so grumpy. And once I ha a boss mock me for running in a meeting. I had wonderful coworkers who stopped her and said don’t knock it til you try it! haha

  2. I love that campaign. I noticed a lot of people were posting it to their blogs last week. I wish more people in my office ran. They are a grumpy lot! Have a great week!

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