Where I’ve Lived Wednesday – Prince George.

I came up with the idea a few weeks ago to write a series of posts about the places I have lived growing up. My family and I have moved eight times, lived in eleven houses, and called three different provinces home. My dad is an RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer, and his job involves being transferred and promoted around the country to different detachments. I am incredibly proud of him in his career, he always gives 110% to his job and has a real passion for it. Currently he is in charge of the St. Albert, Alberta RCMP detachment. At times I have been extremely upset with him for moving my mom, my brother, and I around Canada. Sometimes it seemed I had just gotten settled, made a bunch of new friends, and it was time to move again. Despite never having an answer to the question, “Where is your hometown?” I feel like moving around with my family has made me who I am today and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I have learned a little bit about myself, and a little bit about Canada in each place I have lived and moving definitely brought my family closer, because every few years we would move, and we would only have each other to rely on for the first little while. Living in different places has given me my incredible love of Canada, my family, and who I am as a person!

By highlighting all of the places I have lived, you may find a super cool place to visit in Canada, and you will probably find out way too much random information about me. How did I come to be the girl running around in lulu lemon onesies eating peanut butter on her oatmeal? WILW will let you know!

In this edition of WILW (Where I’ve Lived Wednesday), my life in Prince George, BC will be explored! I was born in Prince George in March of 1993 (subtle hint: my birthday is coming up real soon 😉 and I spent my first three months living in the northern British Columbia city of PG. This was actually my dad’s first posting after graduating from the police academy!

I obviously remember every single moment of living in Prince George. The first three months of my life were really formative times. I asked my parents what they thought of living in Prince George and this is what they said… 

Mom: “It was cold, and snowy. I got my first teaching job there and your dad was in his first police posting. We met many great friends there, some that we still talk to and visit! We had a forest in our backyard that had a path. Oh… and we had you there.”

Dad: “It was a busy police detachment, really busy. I made my own studded tires to bike to work in the snow year-round… [he went on a twelve minute rant about how heavy duty his tires were and how hard core he was biking on ice and I kind of zoned out]… your mom had a great job and staff. It was an exciting time, first place living out of our home provinces, first career jobs, and we had our first and favourite child.”

I swear I didn’t edit anything they said. 

My parents moved out to Prince George in 1989 from their home province of Manitoba. I am assuming life was fairly dull and boring up until March of 1993, so we’ll skip to that point in time. It’s weird to say that I was born in Prince George, when I don’t actually remember living there. Apparently this was my first home. You can tell the Murrays live in this house because the lawn is perfectly manicured. I guess my dad hasn’t changed one bit. 

I suppose this was actually the first place I lived. I spent a couple of days in some sort of incubator due to my at-birth jaundice. I was born with yellowish skin that disappeared after a bit of time in this bad boy. Now my skin fluctuates between stark white and orange depending on how many carrots and yams I have eaten… nice. 

My mom was super active when she was pregnant with me, doing her usual (wicked fast) walks every day. She actually went for a walk while she was in labour with me and didn’t know it. I basically came out of the womb ready to exercise. I am pretty sure my parents bought walking strollers and cycling buggies before they bought any other baby stuff. Within a few weeks my mom had me bundled up in a stroller and out for walks. 

I obviously can’t say Prince George changed my life, because I spent a mere three months in this city. I do think that my love of mountains, snow, and BC forests began here, in the northern BC forests. Before I got too used to living in PG, my dad was transferred to McBride, BC. If you don’t know where that is, don’t worry, I lived there for three years and still don’t really know where it is. 

Next week on WILW: McBride, BC

This morning I had the usual Wednesday speed work session at the indoor track. I warmed up on the treadmill with 3.0 slow miles. It hadn’t even been 11 hours since I had hopped off the bike after spin class last night and I was back at the gym, so I knew better than to try and run fast during my warm-up. I also knew that 3 mile repeats were going to follow my warm-up in my workout today, so I ran as slow as I could in anticipation of them! 

3 X 1600 m. I survived. That is all.

No record miles or anything, but I got the job done. I walked in between the intervals for just less than 800m. After I was done the third and final interval, I jogged one recovery mile (8:27) and dramatically collapsed on the mats. I did about 10 5 minutes of abs, a 2 minute glute bridge, and a 5 minute wall sit. My legs were literally shaking so hard by the end of the 5 minute wall squat! I guess I need to get practicing again to work back up to ten minutes! 

I don’t mind mile repeats but they are definitely one of the hardest interval workouts. I also don’t like that it was dark outside while I was running on the indoor track, and I could see myself running in the window reflection. It was terrifying 😉

Have YOU ever been to Prince George, BC? Where were YOU born?


  1. I remember that house in PG! 😉 We visited before you came on the scene… My WILW would take less than a month – born in Brandon, MB and only moved to two different places since!

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