Coping With Peanut Butter.

I secretly hoped that overnight my body would realign itself and I would wake up without any pain and be back to normal (whatever my “normal” is ;). Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and my day will consist of rest and lots of foam rolling and stretching. On the bright side, I didn’t wake up and go the gym at some ridiculous hour so I got to sleep-in! 7:42 am hasn’t been on my clock when I’ve woken up for a while. 

I enjoyed a big bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and banana to cope with the fact that I can’t run right now. As much as it would have tasted even more delicious after a big workout or a recovery run today, I secretly enjoyed a peaceful morning of relaxation. 

This is by far my favourite breakfast and it made me feel a little better this morning. Obviously emotional eating isn’t the best way to overcome something, but it happened, and I am 110% okay with it. Peanut butter is sometimes the only solution. 

This is potentially one of the most devastating sights. AN EMPTY PEANUT BUTTER JAR. 

Good thing my family has FIVE more jars of nut butter in the fridge and pantry, just in case this tragic event happens. I think we have a problem? My dad is now addicted to putting peanut butter on his oatmeal thanks to me. 

In case you love peanut butter as much as I do… I even dedicated a post to it a while ago, here are some pictures that made me laugh really hard. 

I will be enjoying my rest day today, booking a physio appointment, and becoming best friends with the foam roller. It’s frustrating just not knowing what is wrong with my glute/leg/nerve/muscle, because right now I don’t know what to do to fix it. I’ve said our bodies are wonderful and amazing and always know what is best for us, but sometimes they are just a pain in the butt (see what I did there? ;).

Food that fills the cracks of YOUR heart?


  1. Ugh. Glute/nerve/leg/muscle injuries suck! I am always amazed when I finally get in to see someone to hear what is actually going on in there. Until then, enjoy that peanut butter!

  2. So you win….currently we just have 3 jars in the house….LOL.

    Take it from me, you WILL feel better and you will run strong again soon. Rest is hard sometimes I know. I mentally fought with myself so much when I took time off last week, but yesterday I was able to do my last long run, so I was grateful for the rest. I know what you mean about secretly enjoying the relaxation though. I sort of felt the same way last Sunday morning when I wasn’t rushing to get out the door. Feel better!

    I am so trying the PB in oatmeal too. 😀

  3. PB isn’t fattening in the least. It’s all those other foods blaming it. PB is so modest and humble that it just sucks it up, like it carries all our other burdens. The Calgary Coop has an awesome house brand of PB. I usually keep a bunch of jars in the pantry, since they only come in very small jars. Only half a Kg, imagine! Somehow, I have never tried peanut butter in oatmeal.

  4. Oh no, I hope you are figuring out what is causing your problem with your glute/leg! I hope you heal up quickly and are back running soon. In the meantime enjoy all of that PB!

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