Easter (Chocolate OD day).

I think I overdosed on chocolate yesterday. Due to my ridiculous injury, I didn’t get to run 20 miles yesterday but I ate like I did. After my strength workout at the gym in the morning, my brother and I hit the road and drove to Calgary for easter dinner with family. I forced him to drive (he doesn’t particularly like driving) but I made sure to entertain him with my excellent rapping/singing/dancing/talking. 

It was a gorgeous day for driving! Blue sky and sunshine! The traffic police must have thought it was a great day for driving too because we saw at least 23 police cars. Stuart drives like a grandma though so no tickets were had on our journey south. 

I made sure to pack a snack for the road because it is crazysauce to go more than two hours without food. 

Even though I had coffee after my workout at the gym yesterday, we made the obligatory stop in Red Deer for some more of the good stuff. It was fourteen degrees and I was warm from all of my car-dancing and perfect rapping, so I chose an iced Americano!

When we got to my Aunt’s house, the easter bunny had left an easter egg hunt all around her house for us. I firmly believe (thankfully, as does the bunny) that you are never too old for an easter egg hunt. Especially when the easter bunny brings you your favourite dark chocolate 😉

The easter bunny left this amazing dark chocolate bar that was consumed about 4.3 minutes after it was found. I have never had Rocky Mountain dark chocolate before and this bar was seriously SO good. I not only took a photo for the blog, but so that I would remember what kind of chocolate it was when I recover from my easter chocolate overdose have a dark chocolate craving. 

The easter bunny knows us well and brought me a running book and some coconut water to try. Random fact: coconut water can be used as blood plasma because of the perfect balance of electrolytes it contains. Ignore my carrot-orange hands (and nose?), I love carrot sticks and yams too much to give them up.

There were also tons of foil chocolate eggs hidden all over the house. We kept finding more all afternoon. 

When your relatives ask what is new in your life, it is normal to show them all of the physio exercises you have been doing to try and fix your glute/leg/nerve/strain injury. Good thing I wear spandex all the time so I can bust out some side leg raises at any moment. 

My mom took on the most important job in easter dinner preparation… opening the wine bottles. She is an expert and very proficient at this job.

My dad then proceeded to spill red wine on the white tablecloth. And we wonder where I get my spilling/klutziness from?

My mom made the CUTEST table decorations… eggs in nests! This whole unemployed thing means that my mom turns into Martha Stewart and actually tries 87% of the things she pins on Pinterest. How adorable are these!

I volunteered to help with dinner and I was assigned the task of breaking off the roots of the asparagus. I guess I wasn’t trusted with  anything more complicated 😉

My aunt noticed how big my pipes were (probably from doing a whole 30 push-ups in the morning) and I also got to mash the potatoes. Arm workout #2 for the day. 

Delicious dinner full of stories, laughs, and amazing food! My brother and dad mysteriously disappeared every once and a while to check the score of the hockey game. Canadiens fans are a dedicated bunch!

Dessert was amazing and I think the three pieces of pineapple I ate compensated for the 3896019471398 chocolates I ate. I enjoy a balanced diet. 

We took a trip back to the 1900s after dinner when the women all cleaned up the kitchen and the men retired to the living room to socialize. I took pictures of people helping clean which made me feel like I was helping. It was too crowded for me to actually do dishes and such obviously.

It was a fabulous meal, awesome time with family, and a perfect easter. I indulged in one three hundred too many Cadbury Mini Eggs, but what would easter be without a stomach ache and a chocolate hangover? 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter and good luck to all of those runners in Boston today! 


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