Entertaining myself for 100 minutes on the spin bike.

My glute injury/pinched nerve/whatever this is is driving me crazy and I just wish it would disappear. I know that is not how the body works but I really wish it did. I am very impatient and can’t help thinking about all of the training I am missing out on. I am stressed about not running and running is what I go to to relieve stress, so it is a vicious cycle. I have been spending plenty of time on the bike lately because that activity doesn’t hurt me, as long as I avoid doing any standing work on the bike.

For instance… today I spent 100 minutes on the spin bikes at the gym.

I knew I would need a way to pass the time so I thought I would bring my parents’ iPad and watch a movie or something. It was taking a ridiculously long time to load any movies or TV shows so I had to find other ways to entertain myself. 

1. Read running and health magazines like Runner’s World (the May issue just came out!), Women’s Health, and Fitness. My mom has a subscription to NextIssue so I read a few magazines while riding. 

2. Read blogs. Instead of reading all of my favourite blogs while eating breakfast or procrastinating studying, I read them while on the bike. 

3. Place your bike by a window and pretend you are biking outside in the fresh air. Also, watch the sun rise. 

3. Look up the important sports highlights. 

4. Don’t just ride at a steady pace/resistance… switch it up and do random intervals or “speed minutes.” It will also help to not just work the same muscles, but different ones too!

5. Plan out what you will eat for breakfast (I dreamed of another bowl of pb&banana oatmeal). 

6. Imagine how awesome running is going to be when you are back in action for real. <– I think this is what kept me on the bike for so long. I am working my butt off to keep my fitness, but also trying to rest my muscles so they can repair themselves. It is a fine line. Thinking about how much I want to run just makes me work harder at “recovering” from this.

After an hour and a half I was going to stop but I was curious what happens when you bike over 100 minutes on the spin bikes. I know that the treadmills keep going at my gym which is awesome, and apparently so do the bikes. The time and calories just reset at 0 but the rest of the info is there like “trip” and average rpm and such. I stopped at 100 minutes (although it only looks like 19 seconds).

Did you know that for most Keiser spin bikes, the “trip” isn’t actually a measure of distance? It is only there for maintenance purposes and doesn’t tell you kilometres or miles. Keiser is working on adding a distance feature to their newest model of spin bikes. I took my clip shoes off and did some stretching at the bike. My feet were really sweaty.

I did my physio exercises and stretches after my bike workout and spend about 23 seconds on the foam roller but it wasn’t really doing anything for me because of where my injury is. The ball works the best. I attempted a lap around the track in hopes that the cycling had loosened my muscles up enough not to hurt but I looked like a hobbling mess and almost vomited from the pain (I am never dramatic 😉 so it looks like my sheer determination to heal myself isn’t working. 

My dad says that he is going to take me out on a bike ride this weekend (he probably is getting tired of me moping around and complaining about not running so he was trying to cheer me up… it worked) instead of my long run. Thank YOU all so much for all of your kind comments and speedy-recovery-thoughts. Before we know it I will be back in action 🙂 

What do YOU do to pass the time when you get bored at the gym?


  1. I read books while on the elliptical and stairmaster. Make sure it’s a book you REALLY want to read – passes the time really quickly. I can maybe guess you would like the book Born to Run. It will make you even more motivated and ready when you get back!

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