Fix me please! Physiotherapy and massages.

Yesterday I had physio again. She worked on my hips, glute, and legs and said they felt much less tight than they did last week. They had me walk across the room and walk back and both my physiotherapist and her student looked at each other and said, “She walks really lopsided.” I genuinely thought I was walking straight and evenly. Apparently not 😉 

After some exercises and stretches were added to my ever-growing list, the electrodes were on me once again. I don’t think it is possible to have boundary issues when going to physio, or I guess being a runner in general… multiple people have touched my butt, massaged it, and assessed it, and now I don’t think it even phases me. 

I don’t know what this electro-thing does (I should probably look it up, but I am lazy) but it feels good. I cranked it up and let it do its job… whatever its job is. I feel like they put the sticky pads on in different places every time and I can tell where my super sensitive places are! They hurt! 

I woke up and was in some serious pain this morning. I can’t walk without a limp again and I was very frustrated with myself, with my body, and with my lame attitude about it all 😉 I did what I do best… I talked to my dad about it. By “talked” I mean texted because we’re hip like that. He always knows how to make me feel better. I think he is the king of dad jokes. 

I took it easy at the gym today, after my exam, and stuck to things that wouldn’t hurt me as well as plenty of stretching. 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes on the spin bikes, and 30 minutes of legs/physio exercises/stretching. Quite evenly divided time, Kris. I wore my new favourite shoes (they are super comfy, but most importantly they are purple) and I obviously wore a matching shirt. My gym knew this was happening so they secretly planned to have their daily wristband colour match my outfit. It’s the little things.

My list of daily physio exercises and stretches gets longer and longer each time I go to my physio appointment. They somehow always come up with more things for me to do and I couldn’t be happier that they are always searching for things to fix me!


  • Side leg raise (30x each)
  • Single-leg leg press (15x each)
  • Single leg toe touch (15x each)
  • Banded squats (15x)
Stretch: Hold each for 60 seconds, 3 times a day.

  • Figure 4 for glute
  • Hamstring, basic bend
  • Lunge hip stretch
  • Knee to chest, single-leg
I also roll on a tennis ball or soft-ball sized plastic ball at least twice a day. 

After my workout today I had a massage appointment. My life is rough 🙂 I asked her to work on my legs, specifically my ride side. About 80% of the massage was spent there and I loved every second of it. She said that when she massaged a certain part of my glute, my calf muscle spasmed. I couldn’t even feel it but she said it kept happening, but less and less as she loosened my muscles! Cool! This was a new-to-me masseuse and she spend about 10 minutes specifically on my feet. I have never had anyone do that before! Poor girl. 

Just before I left she gave me a sheet full of hip stretches to try. I think stretching it becoming an extremely large part of my day! Let’s hope it works and gets me pain-free!

I felt so relaxed when I left. It was likely very unsafe of me to drive home. Let’s hope all of these new people in my life can fix me up and get me back out on the road (or treadmill 😉 running! 

What is YOUR injury strategy?


  1. I hope you are healed soon too! Have you tried rolling around on a baseball? I had a pinched nerve in my butt and released it by rolling on a baseball.

  2. I’m fairly certain any running injury can be cured by IMS :). I’ve had a couple problems over the years with tight calves and the only thing that seemed to correct the problem was IMS (well, that and foam rolling…and stretching :).
    I’ve got my fingers crossed and really hoping this injury clears up soon!
    – Shawn

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