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I am pretty sure I mentioned this in my very FIRST post, but I am always two steps behind everyone else with technology. I think I was the second last person to make a Twitter account (the last one was my mom… yes, my mom has, as she calls it, “a tweeter account”) and now I am finally on Instagram. I didn’t even know my brother had an account but apparently he has had one forever. I take strange pictures of my running shoes, my food, and some really sweaty selfies for the blog already, so it makes sense that I would find other places on the inter web to distribute my awesome nonsensical photos. 

You can follow me @kriss_murrayy. My first name doesn’t have two S’s and my last name doesn’t have two Y’s but for some reason it drives me crazy adding numbers to a username, so I just keep adding letters! I would love to see all of your photos and such so if you have an Instagram account, leave your username in the comments and I will be sure to follow you! 

In my effort to take things easy cardio-wise for the next couple days, I hit the gym with my brother for some more weight training and core work. I have tried to keep my fitness up with tons of cycling and elliptical and such while I am not running but I don’t think that helped my injury at all, so I am taking it easy with the cardio and focusing on keeping my muscles strong and increasing my flexibility and core strength. 

It was super fun to workout with my brother again. We each did a separate warm-up, him on the elliptical and me on the spin bike, but we did our abs and arms together in the weights area of the gym. We lifted the same dumbbells. Just kidding… I couldn’t even lift one of the ones that he used 🙂 

After our workout, I dropped off my brother and headed for a massage. After an exam in the morning and a weight training workout in the afternoon, my body was more than happy to rest for a while and have someone work on my muscles. I think I fell asleep during the massage too! Just like last time, when I picked up PB2 after my massage, I hit up the whole foods market for some snacks before I left. Have you ever tried roasted edamame? It is the bomb dot com. SO GOOD. A high-protein, vegetarian, crunchy snack! The BBQ flavour is really good but regular “lightly salted” is awesome too!

If you haven’t been to Starbucks yet today, you still have time! GO NOW! Bring a reusable tumbler and get a FREE iced or hot coffee or tea. Every Earth day Starbucks holds this promotion to encourage people to bring recyclable cups to get their daily coffee/latte. The amount of paper and plastic Starbucks goes through in cups/lids/straws/sleeves is so crazy (I should know, I worked there for four years 😉 and every little bit counts. Plus, when you use a stainless steel tumbler it keeps your drink SO much warmer than a paper cup!

Enjoy your free coffee/tea and I hope you had a wonderful Earth Day! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and I promise to post tons of amazing photos… and not just of my calf muscles and daily oatmeal 😉 

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  1. I just found your blog and its GREAT 🙂 I also just jumped on the instagram bandwagon like a month ago but I now follow you, and I’m rachelkf if you’d like to follow!

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