I went to a psychic!

My mom and dad gave me a gift certificate to see a psychic for my 21st birthday. My mom and I have always wanted to go out of curiosity, so I booked a date and was really anxious to go! I am super skeptical of things like this so it was more for the experience than anything. When my mom went to one a few years ago, the person was super accurate, so I wanted to see whether mine would be that way too. 

After I spent a long long long time on the spin bike yesterday, I showered and headed to central Edmonton to “Urban Mystic”‘s office. I filled out a form, basically with my name and email address and we got started with the one hour session. It was pretty cool.

First she started with my birthday, wrote it down, then started writing some numbers, adding and subtracting them, writing letters, and then told me about the type of person I was, or how I was build. It was really accurate, but I was still super skeptical. Then I rolled three dice that told her where my moons and planets were. She used a book full of “maps” to determine what was going on in my life right now. She said I had been working really hard at a lot of different things, but I was handling them surprisingly well. She also said that I have always had the type of life that is fabulous in all areas except one… then I build that area back up and another area comes crashing down – TOO TRUE. Hello, injury comes just as I get on top of my school and work?! After that we did a lot of card work and some of the stuff she said was really general but there were a few moments that in my head I was freaking out. I didn’t want to show too much emotion and therefore she just goes off of that, I wanted to see what she says without me saying too much. I was really impressed when I left. 

She records the entire hour so you don’t have to scribble down what she is saying or try to remember it all, you can replay and go back to it. Apparently I am going to fall in love in the fall sooo… watch out boys. 

After my psychic reading I was too close to the 109th street Running Room (aka. the Running Room that started it all and has a massive discount shoe room) not to go. We just put the PureCadence2s on sale at my store so I wanted to see if they had my size at this store. They did. They also had Brooks Ravenna 4s on sale. Sale + employee discount = I can’t afford not to buy them.

I had a couple more errands to run and I didn’t have anything to eat in the car and I was getting hungry, so I treated myself to a Booster Juice. I can’t shop when I am hangry and it was delicious.

I got the unBEETable smoothie, and I loved that it was super pink. Heather, over at Girl Goes Running is always talking about her love of beet juice so I tried it in smoothie form! It also had carrots and apples and a bunch of other things I can’t remember. I definitely recommend it, but it probably wasn’t a good idea because there is a Booster Juice at my gym and now I am going to want to go there after my workouts. 

This morning there was no progress in the injury department so I packed up my clip shoes and headed to the gym for some more time on the bike. There was a windchill of -12 this morning therefore my road bike remained in the garage. I started with 30 minutes on the elliptical (which is almost the same biomechanics as running but doesn’t hurt me… must be when I put weight on my leg/glute muscles?) and got my heart rate up. My dad came to the gym and I instructed him through a 60 minutes spin class. I did my physio exercises and stretching after spin. Cross your fingers that these stretches and such are working!

When I got home from the gym I was starving. My pre-workout banana was long gone and I was ready for some delicious food. Enter a homemade soy americano misto and blueberry waffles. 

Obviously I topped them with peanut butter. What else?

Some quality time with my dad on the spin bikes almost made up for another day of zero miles. But spin PLUS blueberry waffles made up for it completely 😉 My dad loves Nickelback on his spin playlists just as much as I do so we had a great time! 

Have YOU ever seen a psychic? What are YOUR plans for this weekend?!


  1. That is so exciting! A group of my friends and I are going to a psychic party in a few weeks. I’m secretly scared…lol. I’m definitely going to try that smoothie! I usually get the ‘Marathon’ when I’m at Booster Juice. I also really need to work at RR to get that bangin’ discount!!!

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