Maple almonds and THE spin playlist!

I was craving tons of greens last night so I made a salad with practically every vegetable in my fridge. The avocados we have are PERFECTLY ripe and it tasted so good. I also had a whole wheat pita on the side because heaven forbid I don’t get have some form of carbs. I had steamed edamame for protein and it made me remember just how great edamame is. 

I actually managed to upload my new spin playlist last night and I was really excited to try it out this morning. IT. WAS. HARD. I can’t wait to actually teach that class because my participants are going to be cursing my name (which is pretty much the best compliment ever). 

Some of these songs are old school and some are awesome remixes of new songs. There are two drills that are OVER SEVEN MINUTES LONG. aka. sweat mania. It was a good one. I think the 2013 song mashup (the one that is 8 minutes long) was my favourite drill. I started with a 15 second sprint, 15 second recovery, then a 30 second sprint, 15 second recovery, all the way up to 75 second sprint and then back down the pyramid. 

I need to do laundry. All of my favourite capris that I wear for spin were in the wash basket so I was forced to wear shorts on the bike. Luckily I didn’t chafe. I made sure to pull down the shorts every time I stood for hills so that my legs wouldn’t rub the seat. I should probably get some laundry done after work today. When all 930187 pairs of your workout bottoms are sweaty/dirty, it means it has been a while since you have done your wash.

When I bought my PB2 at the whole food store, I also decided to try maple almonds. OMIGOODNESS. They are probably a dessert food but I had them with my breakfast this morning. Almonds = healthy = breakfast? I enjoyed a protein pancake with almond butter and a side of pears and maple almonds. 

It made me really want to try the maple almond butter. I had such an amazing spin sesh this morning. It almost made me forget that I tried to run a lap around the track and limped my way to the side after 3.5 steps because my glute hurt so much. I had some great songs and drills and I blasted my music, and worked out all of my emotions 😉 

Favourite workout song RIGHT NOW?


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