March Photo Challenge.

A few of my family members and friends have a “Challenge Group” in which we do monthly fitness/wellness/health challenges to try new things, venture out of our comfort zones, and most importantly, become the happiest and healthiest people we can. It started a couple years ago with the simple challenge of going for a 2 mile walk/run EVERY DAY no matter what. It has grown from there to become personalized and goal-oriented. I have done no-junk-food challenges, push-up challenges, running mileage challenges, and pretty much every type of fitness challenge you can think of (remember my 10 minute wall sit… yup, that was the result of a wall-sit challenge month). I was completely stuck when it came to creating an idea for a challenge for March until I found a fitness photo challenge. 

I love taking pictures of things fitness related… duh, hence this blog. It was a really creative challenge that didn’t distract from my marathon training and was something fun I could do daily! I wasn’t into it for weight loss of anything, so ignore the “progress shots” at the beginning and end of the month, but the rest of the photos kind of tell who I am and what I love about all things fitness. I decided to do a cumulative post today, as a summary of my photo challenge, instead of posting a photo every day in March because you would probably stop following my blog if I did that 😉

Here is a look at how my “Photo a Day” fitness challenge went in March!

Not all of the photos were fitness related for me. Instead of a stack of weights I took a picture of a stack of books because that was more relevant for me. Instead of something “amazing” in the gym for Day 21, I was amazed at the blue sky that day, so I snapped a photo of that. It was a really awesome challenge, and if you like photography, I definitely think you should try something like this! This challenge wasn’t hard either, probably because I am used to taking pictures of my running shoes and bananas 😉 

Have YOU ever done a photo challenge or any month-long challenge?


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