My first experience with physiotherapy.

I got to experience my first physiotherapy appointment last night! At the ripe old age of 21, my body is falling apart. Just kidding. My glute was super tight all day and I get sharp pain when I walk/stand-up/try to put pants on. Yep, the most painful part of my day is putting all of my weight on my right leg and attempting to put my left pant leg on… awesome. I booked my physiotherapy appointment this morning and got in after dinner THE SAME DAY! I love not having to wait for appointments. 

I went to the physio clinic that is right in my gym. How handy! My gym is basically my second home anyway so it is fitting that I get to spend more time there. I had no idea which physiotherapist I had booked with, and just showed up willing to work with anyone. My physiotherapist had a student working with her who did most of my work. She was super sweet and awesome, and was really good at explaining everything to me. 

Long story short: Stretching is good. Not stretching and thinking you are invincible from that nonsense is bad. 

The foot pain I was experiencing last week was not in my head. My hamstring and glutes were SO TIGHT that they pinched the entire nerve and sent pain down to the outside of my foot. The nerve runs the entire length of the leg and when it is cut off, the end point feels the pain. The fact that my foot pain went away just meant the muscles were loosening slightly, but not enough to be entirely “cured.” When I was running on Sunday, the muscles loosened up enough to pinpoint the pain and localize it to where it was actually coming from… my glute. 

The physiotherapist worked on the muscles a lot and then put electrodes on them with some heat to try and loosen them up, then she showed me and wrote down some stretches and exercises for me to do everyday. 

My physiotherapist said I may feel sore today after the muscles were worked on so much, but if I felt up to running and I wasn’t in pain, I could! She told me to take it easy and just focus on doing one mile. If that mile feels good, do another one. If that mile feels good, do another one… and so on. I showed my mom the exercises that I was told to do when I got home. We looked super classy.

I did some ball work as well. This ball is the best thing to happen to my muscle in a while. Lesson learned… stretching is good. Foam rolling is good. The 48197519913589 people who told me this information were on to something. I am so glad I now know what is wrong and what I can do (and should have been doing all along) to fix it. It is a relief knowing that my training fate is in my hands and it is not broken bones or muscle sprains that I am dealing with… just a lack of common sense to fix 😉

I have another physiotherapy appointment booked for tomorrow to have them work on it a little more. I will take my running and training day by day until it feels 100%. Major lesson learned: the actual run is only a fraction of the training. Things like sleep, diet, STRETCHING, hydration, recovery, rest, cross training, and foam rolling make up the rest of the whole “training” program. I did my foam rolling class once a week, barely stretched after my runs, and thought I was invincible. My body gave me a pretty fierce reality check and I can’t thank it enough 🙂

Did you know… stretching your muscles only lasts 2 hours, which is why it is a good idea to stretch your tight muscles multiple times a day? 

Have YOU ever tried physiotherapy?


  1. Physiotherapy Treatment is a good option for any type of pain. Through this you can relieve from your pain with out any medicine. So thanks for sharing your on topic experience with us.

  2. Oh goodness, I basically have Physio as my second home these days…lol. I feel like foam rolling and stretching are such chores but I force myself to do them these days. I’m sending you Speedy recovery vibes!

  3. About four years ago I went through three months of three days a week of PT for a rotator cuff injury. I honestly didn’t think it would do anything. Six weeks in I was completely proven wrong. There was so much improvement, still room to go which is why I went another six weeks. It’s amazing how much healing the body can do with proper exercise and consistency!

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