One mile, a little pain, and proper recovery.

My physiotherapist has been telling me all along to “Try running” or “I think you should be able to run this week,” but as I limp out of physio, I know for a fact that if walking hurts, running may just kill me. It kind of drove me crazy each time she said that because I felt like maybe I was exaggerating the pain in my head, or maybe I should be running through the pain, or maybe I haven’t told my physiotherapist enough that it hurts to walk let alone run. I decided that I should listen to my body more than my physiotherapist and I have been taking time off of cardio this past week and it has made me feel a whole lot better. 

I mentally wanted to challenge a run today. My heart and brain was ready (and has been for 20 days) but I didn’t know if my body was. I made sure to carboload for my big run today. 

I also created the BEST DRINK EVER. Steamed almond milk with a splenda and cinnamon steamed in. Ohmigoodness delicious. I forced my mom to try it and she even said how wonderful it was. Extra foam is always the way to go. 

I did 3 X 10 minutes of stationary bike at the gym this morning (10 minutes to warm-up, 10 minutes after my run, and 10 minutes to cool down). I also did arms and my physio stretches. I was actually SO nervous to step on the treadmill. I hate not being able to run and this was a true test of how far I still need to go with recovery. The first two minutes felt ok but the rest I felt like I was starting to limp and I got more and more sore. It wasn’t a great mile but it was a mile and last week I couldn’t even walk a mile. My heart wanted to run 17 miles but I settled for one. 

I made sure to recover properly from this strenuous run 😉 Compression socks (so at least I can look like a runner), water, iced coffee, and some ice on my butt. 

I felt good the rest of the day and my muscles didn’t tighten up and get really sore or anything so I am counting that as a success! I really hope to get back to running this week but as much as I can say that and tell myself that in my head, it is really up to my body. 

One mile down. A marathon is only 25.2 more, right? 😉

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  1. I’ve done lots of recovery over the last several years, mainly pushing just a bit too hard, but also other stuff too. Listen to your own body ahead of anyone else, no matter what their credentials. It will tell you if you’re pushing too hard or too far, or if it’s too soon. Far better to take it a bit easy coming back, than to push too hard too soon. Even if it does make your head crazy…

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