PB on PB on PB… oh, and I’m a gum addict.

My mom couldn’t say no to the Girl Scouts that knocked on our door. We have a box of Girl Guide cookies sitting in our pantry now. Both of my parents and myself don’t really eat them, but it took my brother about 1.4 seconds to discover them. He has an incredible ability to sniff out junk food. If skittles were drugs, my brother could work for the police. 

Stuart gave me a very informative lesson on how to properly eat Girl Guide cookies. A fork and milk is required. If anyone says the vanilla cookies are better than the chocolate, we can’t be friends. 

PB2 goodness is back in my life. One of my very first blog posts was about my mission to find PB2 (powdered peanut butter). My massage therapist conveniently works in a wellness centre that is attached to a whole food store. This is basically the only place they sell PB2 that I know of, so I took advantage. I went for the big jar this time because I know that I will use all of it!

I added powdered peanut butter to my protein pancake this morning. The concoction looked disgusting when I mixed it together but it was really delicious when it was cooked. I have seen a few different baking recipes using PB2 so when I am procrastinating in the next few days I may test them out. One is peanut butter brownies and the other is low fat peanut butter muffins. Obviously I topped my peanut butter protein pancake with more PB. One day I will get tired of peanut butter but today was not that day.

My mom bought a big bag (or two) of pears from Costco and now they are all ripe at the same time. I really like when pears are firm mostly because I hate getting pear juice all over my hands and I am a princess, but instead of forcing my mom to eat 27 pears in as many hours, I am helping out and eating my share 😉

My grandma gave me a gift card for Shoppers Drug Mart for my birthday (I was a little confused by this as well 😉 so I decided to use it to stock up my gum supply. I am a gum addict. I hate bad breath or feeling like you can still taste the food you just ate, so I am always chewing gum. My jaws probably don’t like it… and neither do my classmates when I blow bubbles in class.My favourite kind is Excel Bubblemint. Best of both worlds. 

I had another round of physiotherapy this morning and I had dry needling done. Nothing seems to be working for my injury, so my PT figures it is tight in the really deep glut muscles that massage and stretching just can’t get to. The needles came out and it was the weirdest feeling ever. It wasn’t painful, because I enjoyed the fact that my muscles were releasing, but it wasn’t exactly comfortable. I feel like the ride side of my butt/hip were hit by a bus and I am probably going to bruise (I had a bleeder), but I hope once the stiffness goes away, I will feel better. 

More elliptical and biking this morning. I’m sick of it. 

Have YOU ever had dry needling done? More importantly, have YOU tried PB2? I like to stir it into plain greek yogurt and add bananas or strawberries too!


  1. Mackenzie, I asked for that kind when they appeared at my door and apparently that is their fall line.

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