Rookie mistake… Week 8 Training Review.

I would love to say that I am fully healed and like yesterday, my run was fabulous today. But it wasn’t. I walked into the house finishing my run, looked up at my mom standing at the top of the stairs, and burst into tears. The number of swear words I used in the last mile of my run probably outnumber the amount I have used in my entire life. I said this marathon training journey would be a learning experience and that is no more true than right now.

I learned about this concept today (as in, learned it the hard way), called referred pain. It’s pretty amazing how connected our bodies are. Pain in one area might just be signalling an injury or pain in another area. The outside of my foot was what I went to the doctor for, but the last three miles of my run told me it wasn’t exactly my foot that was injured. Yes, my foot was a little sore throughout the run, but not in pain. As I passed my street at mile 11, I thought ‘Well, my foot hasn’t felt worse throughout the run, just tired, so I will finish my 14 miles.’ Bad decision. Pain shot up from my heel to my glute and and now resides in my glute/sciatica nerve area. Fun times. 

I had high hopes for my run, but was (accurately) a little nervous about it. I knew the risks of doing a big loop for my run, but I thought my body was really ready for 14 miles. Rookie mistake 🙂 The sidewalk, paths, and street that I ran on for most of my route were covered in patches of ice/puddles/mud and it was like an obstacle course trying not to slip and avoid getting soaked feet. I did not win the soaked feet battle. 

I did however have pretty decent weather for this run, about 2 degrees, a little windy, but nice and cloudy. I took this picture pre-pain, so I was still smiling. It was best I didn’t take a photo after my run… that would have been scary. 

I completed my 14.0 miles in 2:03:35, for an average (moving) pace of 8:49 min/mile. I started my run knowing I wanted to go slow, but didn’t realize how slow I needed to go. My body was tired, my foot was a tad sore, and by the end, it was a struggle to keep running. I just went with it and didn’t get frustrated when 8:50+ miles popped up on my Garmin. I think that is actually closer to the pace I should be doing my long runs at?

When I got home I was dehydrated from my run (and my tears) so I made sure to rehydrate with some Nuun water and cantaloupe! Oh and of course the obligatory soy americano misto 🙂

This training week certainly didn’t go like the rest of them, and I have a feeling week 9 may look the same. I spent a lot of time in the pool, attempted to run after 5 days of rest from running, felt good, and then made the rookie mistake of diving back into my training schedule. I am kind of an all-or-nothing person, so it is really hard to “scale back” for me… if you haven’t noticed already 😉 I managed a whole 20 miles this week. Oh and if you count the distance I ran in the pool, probably 20.3 miles. It takes a lot of effort to go anywhere when pool running! 

I am making my physiotherapy appointments, grabbing my ice and foam roller, and I am determined to get back into peak running shape properly. I should have stopped at half of my distance today and called my parents to come pick me up… but I am stubborn and a runner, and that is just not how I roll. I would rather hurt myself more and then complain about it apparently.

I don’t know what ridiculously nonsense injury I have right now, but soon enough I will be back into training for real. Oh, and I will try not to sound super depressed and whiney for the next few days when I talk about how much I miss running.. ha!

Tell me how amazing your run/exercise/food was today and I will live vicariously through you.

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  1. Sit on a baseball! This SAME exact thing happened to me – tight/pinched nerve in my butt led to some very strange and PAINFUL heel/foot issues. I rolled around on a baseball and really hard foam roller and was able to release the nerve. Good luck, Kris! – Amanda

  2. I am sorry to hear about your pain. 🙁 I am a stubborn runner too that’s for sure! I usually have been doing my long run slow for this marathon though. I’ve learned the hard way not to run them to quickly :S

  3. Hey, 8:50 is still great 🙂 I finally did a steady run yesterday instead of just HIIT, but my knee started hurting at the end of it so I think my IT band’s a bit tired from all the lifting I’ve been doing. I hope your injury heals quickly!! I know it’s no fun being out of the game, but just think that your body will come back stronger and better than before 🙂

  4. I agree Melissa! My long run pace last year was 11:00 min miles (first year running and first half-marathon) This year I am working on my speed more and training for my first full marathon so working on speed and distance. Hope you feel better soon! Sending healthy pain free vibes your way.

  5. Wow you think 8:50 average per mile is slow!? I think that is super fast!!! Ive been runing for 5 months and currently training for a half this summer and doing some 5ks and a 10k along the way! My fastest mile ever was in my first 5k last weekend at 9:24, my averages are usually 10:05-10:30! So thats awesome to me that you ran that pace injured cause I cant even run that pace when Im fully rested! So GO YOU!!!!

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