Studying and writing and studying.

You know what is hard to find motivation for? Studying for finals. You know what is even harder to find motivation for? Studying for your LAST finals of your undergraduate degree. The one thing I have learned in my four years of university is that I still don’t know how to study. I get out all of my books, read the textbooks, and take notes… but I am never 100% sure if I am actually good at studying.

I took an english class this semester, even though I am 103% a science student. I thought it would be cool to practice writing papers and such because I love writing history and science papers. I almost cried when the course syllabus said we had to read 13 books, but I persevered and it was actually a really interesting class. The literature we studied was about the environment so it actually kind of pertained to my degree. We wrote term papers, our midterm exam consisted of writing two essays, and we had to write another two essays for our final.

I am glad I am done that class but I got a lot of good writing experience. I have three exams left this semester and then I am DONE. I am not very good at studying for multiple exams at one time, so by the time I open up the books to study for my last exam, I have already forgotten when we learned in that class.

Summer break is so close. The sun is shining and it is actually warm outside, but I just have to wait a little bit longer to enjoy it! I really hope my profs are in super good moods when they mark my exams because having 50% of your grade based on what you did in three hours is cruel. I am really good at picking up on hints dropped in class about what will be on the exam (because I am a nerd and have missed exactly two classes in my lifetime) so I try to study specifically what I know my profs love to talk about. It doesn’t always work out.

I know there are a ton of people out there also doing exams right now, so to all of you – GOOD LUCK! If anyone is reading this from any of my classes… if you could sacrificially fail your exam, that would be great… the bell curve would actually work in my favour for once. 

I suppose I have procrastinated enough for today, so I best hit the books again. I have permanent first degree burns on my butt from sitting and studying with the heating pad so much. Another physio appointment for me this afternoon (oh no, another distraction from studying) and I hope this week I will be doing some serious healing. My mom and brother went for a run in the sun together today and I am no longer speaking to them because of this. 

Three exams to go… three exams to go… three exams to go…


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