Sweaty spinning and stretching.

I spent yesterday getting IMS and studying. It’s a good thing I had the needling done in the morning because I wasn’t able to move for the rest of the day, which forced me to actually sit down and study. Well, “study.”

Last night I created a super awesome spin playlist and had it all ready to go for the morning. I just forgot one tiny detail… the whole “uploading to my iPhone” part. I sat down on the spin bike this morning, scrolled through my playlists and whaddaya know, it wasn’t there. Good job, Kris. I created a new playlist with my existing music and just picked songs that I really wanted to spin to and went with it. It was actually really well. 

My favourite song this morning was “Dead and Gone” by T.I. ft. Justin Timberlake. I can rap the entire thing… so I did… and I only got three weird looks from people walking around the track. It was the perfect song to do sprints while T.I. is rapping and then I cranked it when Justin started to sing to the slower beat. It was such a good drill, but probably because I was trying to spin and rap at the same time and that takes 3.6 times more effort. My bun started to come loose half way through my spinning so I attempted to tighten it. My elastic broke. 

It’s a good thing my thick and long hair requires like 4 elastics to hold it in place because I had enough to keep my hair out of my face and off of my sweaty back. I forgot to turn the industrial fans to face directly towards me so I was sweating like mad. At least I looked like I was working really hard (which I was!)

65 minutes of spin, and then about 30 minutes of abs and stretching. I haven’t done a solid abs workout in SO long. You know the ones where you wake up the next morning and have to roll off of your bed because your core muscles just refuse to work, and then you get mad at anyone who makes you laugh because it hurts so much. Ya, I want that. I think I will peruse Pinterest after work and do a double abs workout today, then cross my fingers that I wake up sore. Exerciseaholics… we are a weird bunch. 

Even if I was able to run today, I would have still been at the gym because yesterday, last night, and this morning, it decided to snow. It feels like winter again. I secretly thought it looked really pretty though (shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that). There is about 5 cm on our driveway but instead of shovelling we are going to wait until it gets warm and melts 😉

I have been taking three things to bed with me each night. Some good, some not so good. 

1. Laptop. I always get such a good sleep when I shut off all technology at least 20 minutes before I go to sleep and read a book. Lately I have been rewatching all of the FRIENDS seasons (you know, to procrastinate), and somehow my laptop makes its way to bed with me where I proceed to convince my tired eyes to stay open for just… one… more… episode. 

2. Heating pad. This one is a keeper, at least until my injury is healed. It makes my muscles feel so good and relaxed when I have the heating pad on them. It also makes me super cozy and warm when I am lying in bed. 

3. Zac Efron. Shirtless. As in, no shirt. Shirtless. 

Yup, so those are the three things that have been climbing in bed with me… one of them may have been a lie, but I will never tell you which one. I think I am going to print out a picture of Zac Efron’s abs and take it to the gym with me next time. 

I promise to try and be more technology-savy and properly upload my spin playlist to my phone next time so I have some sick beats (that’s what the cool kids call it) to share. Next time. It’s a good one, and I can’t wait to actually spin to it!

Technology before bed? 

Do you watch TV or anything before you sleep?

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  1. yes…. always go to bed with the tv on and program it to go off about an hour and half later…. and when I wake up at 4 am (as I often do) I turn it on and watch Ancestors in the Attic on History 2 channel. Yes…. I’m a weirdo.

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