Taking another rest day.

I guess my body isn’t willing to heal itself on demand, so it looks like I am taking a SECOND rest day this week. I went to physio yesterday and woke up feeling kind of like a train hit me… well hit the entire right side of the body. I was planning on going to the gym for a bit of cycling but plans change and instead I slept another two hours, stretched and did my physio exercises while watching sports highlights, and ate a delicious breakfast. Why do I hate rest days so much again?

After my rest day and physio on Monday, I was really hoping I would feel better and able to run on Tuesday simple because it was almost twenty degrees outside! I have been waiting to wear shorts outside on my run for an eternity. I couldn’t run, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t bike, so I took my new road bike out for its maiden voyage. I bought this wondrous contraption all the way back in December and due to trivial things like snow, ice, -30 temperatures, and winter in general, I haven’t ridden it yet! It’s hard to spend a winter gazing at your shiny new road bike and not being able to ride it. 

I set out without a plan for where or how long I wanted to ride but I knew better than to ride in places with lots of gravel and lots of traffic. This was my first time using clip less pedals on the streets and I would have been a safety hazard riding around town, so I cycled out of town and on the (paved) country roads. 

I did travel down some more travelled roads and highways but for such a short time after winter, I was surprised at how little gravel and junk there was on the sides of the roads. The wide shoulders on most roads were clear and I tried my best to stick as far right as possible. Drivers around me were super courteous and friendly. Good weather makes everyone happy.

I tried to avoid stop lights at all costs because clipping in and out of the pedals is scary and I am a pansy who doesn’t want to fall on the road. Luckily I only had to stop at one light and I had a FLAWLESS clip-in-and-out experience. It was great! The only problem with the clip pedals came when I arrived home and forgot I had to clip out and was trying to stop my Garmin at the same time and almost fell over. Close call. 

Some of the clouds looked a little dark and rainy and I thought I might get a sprinkle of two on my ride. The evening forecast called for a bit of rain but the darker clouds stayed away for my ride. 

Most of the time, my scenery looked like this:

… which is probably why my “little ride to test out the bike” turned into a 35.5 km cycle. I LOVE MY BIKE. Before this I had been riding a Norco Bushpilot (for those of you who cycle, you will know how ridiculous it is to try and road cycle with that bike) and it was SO heavy and SO clunky and bulky. I was never able to catch up to my dad on his road bike and I thought biking was the most taxing activity ever because I had to work SO hard to cycle. Enter the new road bike. It is light and fast and amazing. My average speed was about 25.4 km/hr. I can’t wait to go out again!

Yesterday, Wednesday, you got to hear all about my time living in Gold River, which means I didn’t get to tell you about my workout (heaven forbid I don’t record every single exercise I do on the interweb). I hit the gym bright and early for 30 minutes of spinning (4:1s again… 4 minutes seated sprint, 1 minute standing climb). I then did 30 minutes of the Stairmaster. It kind of hurt to climb stairs because it’s mostly a glute exercise but I am stubborn and stuck to it. After, I did 20 minutes of chest and triceps work, then 15 minutes of abs and physio exercises and stretches. I miss running. 

Hopefully a bit of decrease in activity, physio exercises, lots of stretching, foam rolling and ball work, plenty of sleep (10 hours last night!), and watching episodes of FRIENDS instead of studying will heal me.

Is it finally sunny and warm where YOU are?! Road cycling – yay or nay?


  1. Crazy drivers here, and still way too much gravel on the road for me to get out. Let’s not talk about my cranky knee. As for the clip less pedals, once you clip in and out a million times, you won’t even think about it anymore.

  2. Your hair is so long and pretty in that picture! Road cycling’s definitely fun, but people here are crazy drivers so I just stick to the roads in my neighborhood. 🙂 It’s finally warming up in the states too, so it’s been wonderful.

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