Training Week 10 Recap: The second week that wasn’t.

This week marks 14 straight days that I haven’t run. Ouch. I had another week of zero miles, but I will do a “training” recap anyway 🙂 I took a rest day on Monday and then spend the rest of the week on the elliptical, cycling, strength training, and stretching. I had two physio appointments and one massage this week as well!

I really wish I was blogging about a 20 mile run right now! As sick as that sounds – I wish I was trying to recover from three hours of running. Oh well! I didn’t do any cardio today and tried to rest my injury, so I did upper body strength training and stretching. My arms hurt. I wore my other new pair of shoes today and the dark colours made me feel hardcore, even when I grabbed the 5 lb. weights! I love Brooks shoes. 

I think I read somewhere that the best way to rehydrate from a workout is to drink coffee. Or I made that up, but it sounds promising. A dark roast tastes really good after your workout, even when you didn’t work up a crazy sweat doing cardio. 

My brother and I are driving to Calgary today to join my family for Easter dinner! I can’t wait to see everyone and spend time with my grandparents from Manitoba. You may remember them as the grandparents who brought me my family an entire big box of spaghetti squash that I we proceeded to eat within the week. The first thing I packed for the trip was my ball for rolling my muscles.

Have a fabulous Easter weekend! I hope you are eating 21805713 Cadbury Mini Eggs 🙂

Favourite Easter chocolate/candy?!

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  1. I hear ya, Shawn. Hmmmm, well I ate a ton of purdys, cadbury eggs, mini cupcakes, lindt chocolates, cadbury cream eggs, … and still going!!

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