Training Week 11 Recap.

These training recaps are starting to feel a little silly because I am not actually “training” right now, but I kind of feel that they are necessary because it seems ALL runners experience some sort of injury or setback and the recovery part of running, as much as the actual running, is something everyone can relate to. I had two physiotherapy appointments this week and one massage but the most influential thing I did this week to help my recovery was actually something I didn’t do – CARDIO. I spent a tiny bit of time on the stationary bike warming up my muscles before strength training but I didn’t do any intense cardio this week and it really paid off. 

My current theory about my injury: I tore a muscle in my glute. My physio said that because my muscles were so tight, it was pinching my nerve and that is what caused the foot pain BUT after my muscles were loosened, the pain SHOULD have gone away but it didn’t, so I have a feeling I really tore one of my tight muscles and the muscle that was released with the IMS was some that had formed knots around the tear. After resting the tear this week it felt a whole lot better. Not healed, but better

I bought my dad and brother hockey tickets last night so we could go to the WHL playoff game. The Edmonton Oil Kings were up 3-1 in the playoff series and with a win they would clinch Eastern conference title. It was a really tired-looking game but after being down for a lot of the game they came back and beat the Medicine Hat Tigers. They go on to play the Portland Winterhawks!

This morning I slept in (7:30 am – WOOOHOOO!) and got up when my dad got up. He normally enjoys his Sunday morning to himself when everyone else is sleeping or running or at work but fortunately for him I was neither sleeping nor running (boo) nor working and we ate our big bowls of oatmeal together. I topped my oatmeal with my fave – peanut butter and banana with almond milk. He topped his with some chia seeds, prunes, and almond butter… gross. 

After fuelling myself up I hit the gym. I warmed up with 10 minutes on the stationary bike, then jumped on the treadmill. I walked 2 minutes and then ran a FULL mile without stopping. Yesterday I stopped at 0.6 and walked for a bit, then “ran” the last 0.4. My glute got sore again about 2 minutes in but didn’t get progressively worse or better through the run. At one mile my mom told me to get my sore butt OFF the treadmill and stretch. I did my physio exercises and some core work, snuck over to the treadmill and ran another half a mile, and then it was time to join my parents for a drop-in spin class!

It was a good sweaty class and I made sure to listen to my body the whole time. I didn’t do the hover drills (and opted to sit and climb or just stand and run on the bike) because they hurt me, but the rest was fine. I made sure to ice as soon as I got home and out of the shower! I have become one of those people at the gym that matches their shoes to their outfit. 

I ran a total of 2.5 miles this week. 2.5 is better than 0. Hopefully another week of easy cardio and icing and building up to running more will get rid of the injury for good. I have five weeks until the Calgary marathon and each day I get a little more terrified. I should have been running ~50 miles this week and the fact that in all of April I have run 22.5 miles really scares me. Don’t tell me how little time I have until the marathon… I know 😉

How was YOUR run today?! I wish I had run 20 miles this morning, 26.2 is going to be hard. 


  1. i love that you went spinning with your parents! no one in my family was ever into exercise or fitness and it always made me fee so lonely.

    almost every marathon i’ve run, i’ve had a set back due to an injury. you will come back stronger and more hungry for running than ever. you got this.

    1. Thanks so much! I think everyone has some sort of setback during training and what we do to overcome it shows how well we can handle a marathon 🙂

  2. I’m dealing with some nerve pain right now too from muscles pinching in my lower back/butt/leg so I’m interested to read about yours! I love that you work out with your parents — I do the same quite often and my friends think it’s weird, haha.

  3. Yay for 2.5 miles! That IS better than 0!!! You’re right: we do all experience a set back in our training. I’ve yet to train for a marathon without some sort of injury or cold. 🙁 You will get better and 5 weeks is a long time! Plus, You’ve already run a 21 miler….You can do it!

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