Training Week 9 Recap: The week that wasn’t.

This is the first long run I have missed in my training. Two weeks ago I did my birthday 21 mile run (only with foot pain the last 7 miles of it) and then last week I thought my injury had gone away and I ran the most painful 14 miles of my life. This week, I ran zero miles, and today I didn’t even “try” and run to see if I could. It still hurts to walk so that’s probably a ‘no’ to running right? I am mentally training for the marathon right now, so instead of doing my scheduled 18 mile long run, I attempted a bike ride outside in the frigid cold, and then finished off my “long workout” with an elliptical session. I really wanted to go on a long bike ride. Look at how gorgeous it is outside!

Unfortunately it was also freezing cold. I thought we were done with winter but I guess a little cold air decided to stick around this weekend. It would have been fine for running because I get super hot when I run, but biking is a whole different ball game. I dressed warm, or so I thought, but it didn’t suffice. After just over 6 miles, I turned around and headed home.

I wore winter running tights with my cycling shorts on top. My legs just got numb so I couldn’t feel how cold they were so that was fine, but my feet… oh lord. They were little ice cubes. I got back home and my dad said, “Oh I should have lent you my neoprene cycling socks to cover your feet.” A little too late, dad. The wind was wicked too!

I finished a solid 20km and called it a day. Why be miserable and cold cycling when you could wear shorts and watch TV in the gym, and gawk at all the hot boys lifting weights? At least the sun gave me a gorgeous view while I was cycling… it almost distracted me from my frostbitten feet.

I still wanted to do a long workout (simulating a Sunday long run) so I changed into some gym clothes (de-layering from my bike ride) and headed to the gym for some low-impact elliptical. I spent an hour and a half on the elliptical. I don’t know how I did that. I did try and use some of my own tips from Friday’s 100 minute indoor cycle… I read blogs, I watched TV, I checked Twitter and Facebook.

I also made a friend. Don’t get excited mom, he is 40+ and married. He asked why I wasn’t on the treadmill like usual… I guess I have a reputation. He even assumed I was injured because of how I was staring at the treadmills. I love chatting with fellow runners and it made the time go by super fast. He has done some road cycling too, so we talked about that as well!

I tried to simulate running as much as possible. I made sure I had good form the whole time, no hunching or bad posture. I also wanted to get as close to 180 spm (strides per minute) as much as I could. Towards the end of the hour and a half I was slacking with my “fast cadence” but for the most part I did well. 

If I had been running today I would have worn shoes that I have worn before… taking new shoes on a long run is for dare devils and crazy people… so because I was on the elliptical, I got to wear my NEW shoes! They are the same ones I have and the ones I use for speed work/ tempo runs, so I wasn’t worried about blisters or breaking them in. Best part? THEY ARE PURPLE. I wore a purple shirt to match my shoes… yes… I am that girl.

Two and a half hours of cardio later, I did my physio exercises and stretches, all the while admiring my shoes. I hope this coming week I am able to actually run again… a zero mileage week is no fun. My butt will also be happy it doesn’t have to spend so much time on a bicycle seat once I am back up and running. I took two rest days this week, but got my stretching and foam rolling in every day. I am doing as much as I can to heal this injury without trying to do too much, if that makes sense 🙂 

I have another day of physiotherapy tomorrow, so hopefully that helps I bit too. I have had a heating pad on my glute a few times a day and it feels amazing. I even took it to bed with me the past two nights. It feels like it is helping loosen the muscles but only time will tell! I try and get some heat on before I stretch every night so that I am not trying to work cold muscles. 

How was YOUR week? Were you doing a long run today or anything special?


  1. You must have extreme mental strength! How you are on an elliptical for that long baffles me!! :0 Once, I watched Bridget Jones’ Diary while splitting my elliptical/bike workout (when I was injured). I was super proud of myself…lol.

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