Where I’ve Lived Wednesday: Kimberley.

Can you believe it has already been a week since the last WILW? Also, that it is already April? How did that happen? Nevertheless, I present to you, the third week of Where I’ve Lived Wednesday, this time featuring one of my FAVOURITE places, Kimberley, BC. We actually lived in Marysville, a small town outside of Kimberley but for some reason I always claimed to live in Kimberley. 

When I was three years old and my brother, Stuart, was six months old, we moved from the small town of McBride in central British Columbia to another small town, this time in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, near the Alberta border. Nowadays I don’t consider myself having a “hometown,” more like a home country, but for the longest time I considered Kimberley my hometown. We lived here for the longest amount of time and I enjoyed most of my childhood years in this magnificent place!

I am not lying when I say this place has it all. It has hot summers perfect for lakes and swimming and snowy winters that are perfect for skiing and hockey. There was literally a ski hill 5 minutes away from our house and most weekends we would hit the slopes or slap on our cross country skis and go for a ski. I had a ton of friends (some I still talk to regularly today!) and I tried so many different sports and activities. I cannot say enough good things about Kimberley, BC. We lived in a duplex at the end of a cul-de-sac and we had a HUGE backyard that backed onto a creek.

I am sure if I went there now the backyard would be small and our house would seem tiny but my childhood memories are of a GIANT house with tons of room to run and play. We had deer and bears in our yard all the time and there were fish in the creek. It was awesome! Kimberley is famous for its German downtown called the Platzl. The big clock had a man named Happy Hans that came out every hour!

Places to visit in the Platzl: Kimberley City Bakery (order a pretzel), Snow Drift Cafe (order nachos), and the Ice Cream Hut (order any flavour of ice-cream because they are all amazing). There are tons of adorable and funky shopping stores as well! Kimberley also had all of its fire hydrants painted like people. When I was little I thought this was the coolest thing EVER. They were all different and so adorable. 

I started my academic career at Marysville Elementary School where I had seriously the best classmates ever. I still talk to them today and we were SO close as a class. I really had some great teachers in elementary school… I even invited my Kindergarten teacher to my birthday party I loved her so much… nerd alert. I was able to rock a bowl cut AND make friends… I really don’t know how. 

 I tried a ton of sports in Kimberley. I excelled at some and not-so-much at others. I can at least say I am Canadian and played hockey when I was a kid. It was for one season and I was horrible but I had a blast! I swam, I skied, I biked, I played soccer, and I started AND ended my golfing career in Kimberley. 

My dad and brother were and still are much better golfers than me. I prefer to drive the golf cart and look pretty and attempt to look pretty. One time I drove the golf cart straight through the flower beds on the course. I also usually forget to be very quiet and still when people are hitting the ball. 

We went hiking with friends and explored around the Rocky Mountains on one side of the town and the Purcell Mountains on the other side. My mom and dad both hiked Fischer Peak (one of the tallest and most dominant peaks in the area) and I am dying to go back and hike it myself one of these days. Once I grew out my bowl cut, I decided a fanny pack would compliment my look really nicely. 

PROOF. I played hockey. All of one season. You can’t tell for sure, but that is me stealing the puck from a fellow player… I am totally sure that is how it went.

There were so many great memories formed in Kimberley. Like when I lost my first tooth. 

Or when my cousins came to visit and we played for hours on my favourite park – Rotary Park. 

Or when I decided to be an entrepreneur… and sell cookies. 

If you ever visit the Kootenay region of BC, and are near Kimberley, you MUST visit Fort Steele. It is a restored historic town where men came to mine gold in the late 1800s. We went to this place so often to visit the old school house, the swings, the candy store, the blacksmith shop, the theatre, the railway, and of course the restaurant, which had THE BEST soft pretzels. They also make homemade ice-cream, which is to die for. 

I went to Fort Steele with my elementary class many times, and my mom would take us on weekends when my dad was trying to sleep in between night shifts. We took every single person who came to visit us to Fort Steele. Just typing this makes me want to go back and visit (actually, I am just really craving a hot salted soft pretzel now).

I honestly have so many great memories from Kimberley. It was a sad, sad day when my dad told us we were moving. We lived in Kimberley for six years, the longest stay out of every location we have lived, and I would move back in a heartbeat. It has so much to offer as a place to live AND as a place to visit. In case you missed the first two WILW, I have your back, and you can find them here:


Prince George

Have you ever visited Kimberley, BC? What is one of your favourite childhood memories?


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