Where I’ve Lived Wednesday: Regina.

It’s that time of week again! I have finished three exams, and I have two more to go. My three hour history exam and my afternoon massage left my hand sore and my brain fried, so I am happy to be taking a little break to blog, predict the Stanley Cup champion, and watch reruns of FRIENDS. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we lived in this next place for only 11 months, so there are very few pictures!

After two years full of memories in Gold River, my dad got a job teaching at the RCMP academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. He was teaching applied police sciences at depot and it was a really cool experience. Ironically, when my dad told us he got the job, he said that Regina was most likely our “forever place.” We moved again 11 months later. Now it is a running joke in our house that whenever my dad says we will be living in a place for a while, it will most likely be a very short amount of time.


This may seem like a random picture but it made my mom’s scrapbook for very specific reasons. My dad is SUPER health conscious. He doesn’t eat sweets and his most extravagant dessert splurge would be a piece of carrot cake WITHOUT ICING. It was a monumental moment when we were at the BC ferry terminal on moving day from Gold River and it was really hot, my dad was super thirsty and he bought a DIET COKE. He never drank soda… EVER… so it was photo-worthy. Actually, come to think of it, I would probably still take a picture of my dad if he bought a soda.

After not finding a house on their house-hunting trip, my parents decided to build one. It was going to be our forever house after all 😉 Months of building our house from Gold River (over the phone and email) and in the summer we got to move in to our brand new house! The picture is super blurry. I promise it is not a Dr. Suess house and there are no curved walls and distorted windows. 

I can honestly say I loved Regina. The rest of my family doesn’t exactly feel the same way, but it was an amazing 11 months. For an 11 year old girl, and after living in many small towns, this city was FULL of opportunities. I played soccer all year round, indoor and out, and LOVED my teammates and especially my coach. We were like a family. We went to lots of tournaments, games, track practices (I hated running at this time), and multiple weekly practices. I even got the Most Improved Player award!

One of the best things about living in Regina was being only 5 hours away from Winnipeg, where most of my relatives live. We got to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other random long weekends with our family! It was fabulous!

This also happened in Regina. Frosted tips. My mom taught me that if I don’t have anything nice to say, I shouldn’t say anything at all… so…

If you haven’t driven through Saskatchewan, you should. There is plenty to see and you will never get bored. 

But actually, I really did enjoy living in Regina, despite our stay being less than a year! I went to an awesome school, had an amazing teacher, made tons of friends at school and on my soccer team, took swimming lessons, and got to experience my first “prairie winter.” I secretly love the flat landscape, plus when you are driving down the TransCanada, you don’t even have to turn the steering wheel and can basically take a nap at the wheel (never happened, don’t worry… my dad was an RCMP driving instructor too so I know better ;). 

This was my first exposure to prairie living and I had a blast! Even though one day it got to -52 with the windchill (my dad still biked to work that day), it was kind of fun to have endless amounts of snow. I really developed as a soccer player and I got to experience indoor soccer! Just as we had settled into prairie living, we were repacking our boxes putting our still packed boxes back on the moving truck, and heading back to beautiful BC!

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Have YOU ever been to Saskatchewan? What was your favourite part?