Champion has mastered the sports bra.

I am L-O-V-E-ing this morning run weather. It is so gorgeous I just can’t get enough. It is cool enough that I don’t get overheated, but warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt. My legs are finally seeing the sunshine after 7 months of long tights and artificial gym light. I hope I actually get some colour this summer… I usually just freckle and burn! The clothes that I have been able to wear were actually sent to me by Champion. Champion is well-known for their sports bras and was actually the FIRST company to make one in 1977.

There is a reason why they are known for their sports bras. They are seriously the best in the biz. I am not just saying this because I have some free ones in my closet now… they are the most comfortable things in the world. I was kind of skeptical when I got them because the one that was previously in my closet is about 10 years old, from like Walmart or something and it wasn’t my favourite sports bra. They have definitely upped their game. These sports bras are magical. 

BUT they know they have some dedicated bra customers, so Champion is trying to let Canada know that they have some great sports apparel as well! Champion is a pretty major apparel brand in the US, and is slowly working their way into the Canadian market. They have good reason to because their clothes are pretty awesome.

I was really excited to try their gear. My dad was super jealous and asked whether I thought a women’s medium shirt would fit him. He was even down with the purple colours. I selected some of their ‘running line’ to try because, well, that is what I do!

Yesterday I had an easy 5 miles on the taper training schedule so I geared up in my Champion bra, shorts, and shirt and hit the road.

Bra –> Champion Shape T-Back Sports Bra. Over-the head bra that was ridiculously comfortable and so easy to get on.

Shirt –> Champion PowerTrain Power Cotton Tee. Feels like your favourite cotton t-shirt but wicks like athletic wear. A total keeper. 

Shorts –> Champion Double Dry Absolute Workout Fitted 4″ Women’s Shorts. Comfortable, kind of a baggy waist line, but didn’t chafe for my 5 mile run!

I did 5 miles at 8:13 min/mile average. After my run I came home and did the 8 minute abs video (that guy still makes me laugh) times TWO, with plank and pushups in between and at the end. My mom was just getting her workout clothes on so I convinced her to go for a little walk with me so I could cool down. We did about 2 miles at a fast walking pace, and it was getting warm!

This morning I wanted to do some weights but it was so sunny and beautiful out again that I couldn’t justify running my easy 6 miles on the treadmill, so I decided to run to the gym and back and just do weights there. It is so hard to run, stop at the gym, and run home, because my legs feel like lead when I start up again heading home!

Today I put on some Running Room shorts (because the other Champion ones that I wanted to try are so lightweight they don’t even have a pocket) and stuffed my phone and my gym pass in the pocket. I tried out the other shirt Champion sent me, the Champion Power Train PowerFlex Women’s Tee and it was another winner. So lightweight and breathable, it felt like I was wearing nothing at all… except luckily for all of the people around me, that wasn’t true. I ran 4.40 mile there at 8:33 min/mile average. Once I was at the gym I did the leg press to work my glutes and quads/hamstrings, and then 45 minutes of arms. It sucks when you feel like you have had a great workout and then realize that your run is only half over. 4.41 miles, I picked up an extra 0.01 miles on the way home I guess, at an average of 8:36 min/mile home. 

A total of 8.81 miles today in some amazing gear. I can’t wait to try more and will write a bit more detailed of a review as soon as I get some more time in them. This weather is making me just want to be outside all of the time, especially running… even for a treadmill lover, the sun is running magic. 

Did YOU know that the first sports bra was made by sewing two jock straps together?

Favourite sports bra? (Guys… have YOU ever tried Champion clothing?!)

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