Cursing the name Yasso.

Yesterday I had 10 miles with 8 Yassos on the training schedule. I woke up to sunny skies and ZERO wind. It was still about -4 when I woke up but with the blue sky and no cloud cover, it was quickly warming up. I wore gloves and a jacket but ditched both of those at some point along my run. About a mile in, I threw my running gloves in a bush because I knew I would be running home along the same path.

I ran 3.5 miles to the outdoor track, at a pace of about 8:55 min/mile. Once I got to the track I did an easy jog/walk lap and then began my Yassos. I ditched my jacket to do the speed workout because I was super toasty in the sun. I did my hair in the most aerodynamic fashion possible because it makes me faster. Obviously. 

I wasn’t sure whether I should try any speed workouts yet because I still get some soreness and pain in my hamstrings and glute and I definitely don’t want to push it. I thought I would start with one and focus solely on the interval I was doing. I wasn’t concerned with getting all 8 done, but I might as well see how it goes. True to Yasso fashion, I was aiming to get the 800m repeats done in 3:30. After 3 I was getting sore and after the 4th one, I knew I should stop, so I did.

I reluctantly threw on my jacket (I hate jackets around my waist) and ran home. I ran super slow home and took it easy on my legs, about 8:52 min/mile. They felt super heavy, probably because when hot yoga got cancelled on Tuesday I went to the gym for the second time that day and did 65 minutes of spin and 20 minutes of abs. I was mentally prepared for a hot yoga sweat so I was super disappointed it was cancelled and wanted to sweat somehow. Instead of lazing around and watching as many FRIENDS reruns as I could, I hit up the gym again. I am for sure taking a rest day today after those Yassos yesterday!

I was super pumped to get that solid ten mile run in yesterday. even though I was slow and sore, I made sure to stretch and ice when I got home. I am getting used to stretching every day now. Fear of injury will do that to you! I have never been able to touch my toes when I stretch… never. I was the five year old girl in gymnastics who had to do all of the modified stretching because she wasn’t flexible. I was the girl in yoga class who the instructor laughed at because of how inflexible she was. After over 5 weeks of solid stretching I am now the girl that can GRAB HER BIG TOE when she stretches! Progress, people!

I am beginning to appreciate rest days. Remember when I pretty much refused to take a rest day from working out? Yesterday I thought about how tired my legs felt as I was running up a hill home and then I thought about how great it will feel to take my rest day. 5 hours of exercise in two days… yep, today will feel great 🙂

After I had a great sleep in yesterday, then did my ten mile Yasso workout, I had to complete the perfect morning with chocolate chip pancakes. An apple on the side makes this breakfast healthy, ok?

I have another ten miler on the schedule for tomorrow but my training is now totally based on my muscles and how I feel. I wish we could run as much as we wanted without the risk of injury… how awesome would that be! I think chocolate chip pancakes are super healing though so I will probably get to run a bunch this weekend. 

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? I love reading what everyone else ate because breakfast is my favourite meal of the day… AND the most important!


  1. Great work! And in 3 weeks you can thanks Yasso in person for that kickass work out.
    – Shawn

  2. Look at your athletic intelligence shining through: great call on listening to your body. I’m learning how to do this this year as we. You are so right about how an injury will make you more apt to ice/heat/roll/stretch! Great job on the workouts!

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