Hair light as air.

I don’t know why I wanted to rhyme that title. It felt right.

My hair needed a change for summer. It was long and heavy and I loved it but needed something fresh. The sun has been shining (most days) and it has been relatively warm and that always puts me in a good mood! I used to have bangs a couple of years ago and I decided I wanted them back! My hair is also super thick too so I needed it thinned out a bit!

I booked an appointment at the salon and didn’t really care who my stylist was. I have been living in this city for a year and a half and I have gone to three different hair stylists. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to trim an inch off of my hair so I am never too picky about who cuts it. I told the stylist I wanted 4-6″ cut off and she said she would do 3″. Ummm… ok? Who is paying who? 

About halfway through the cut when she was about to start chopping my bangs she asked another stylist to come over and show her how to do it. Ya… what? It was at this point that I was informed she was the hair style apprentice at the salon. Should they not tell me that when I go in or when I make the appointment?

She did a great job overall (even though as she was cutting my hair she told me about the hair exams she had failed) and I am happy with the results. I love showering for the first time after a hair cut and realizing just how much they chopped.

I think I leave the salon walking with a strut and acting like a diva every time I get my hair cut. Doesn’t everyone feel great when they get a new style?

I took my workout to the gym this morning again and did my 4 miles on the treadmill. My glute officially just doesn’t feel as wonderful on that thing. Dang. After what felt like a really short run, I hit up the spin bikes for 30 minutes of easy spin. No hard climbs or anything just a 90 rpm endurance cycle. 

How often do YOU get your hair cut? 

Dramatic styles or the same thang every time?

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  1. Holy crap, you look BEAUTIFUL! Like, movie star pretty! When I get my hair cut (almost never.. ain’t nobody got time for that LOL) I always walk outta there like I’m a super hot diva too! I LOVE that feeling!

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