Hot yoga and a tempo run.

Yesterday was a much needed rest day for me. My legs were so done and it felt great to do nothing. It was so sunny and gorgeous out that it made me incredibly happy. When it is super sunny I crave iced coffee. My go-to summer drink certainly happened in the afternoon. 

The sunshine inspired my lunch. There was tons of good looking fruit in the fridge and I wanted something delicious, crisp, and sweet. I used to think this blueberry goat cheese was disgusting but it kind of goes perfectly on this salad. I started making a garden veggie salad but then saw the sweet fruit and cheese so it morphed into a different type of salad with each layer. I have been using balsamic vinegar on my salads as dressing lately and loving it!

I still have my two-week unlimited hot yoga trial pass so instead of hotting up the gym when I got bored home alone after work, I went to a 60 minute yoga class. 60 minutes of hot yoga was better than 90 minutes in my opinion. It flew by and I wanted to die for 30 minutes less than a regular class! I felt so great when I left the class. Endorphins, sweat, sunshine, iced-coffee-caffiene-high… spring time bliss.

The yoga studio is having a summer pass sale (probably because it is hard enough to get to hot yoga in the winter but when it is already hot outside, who wants to get into a room that is even hotter?)… so I am debating what to do when my trial pass expires! I really like how I feel after the classes and getting a good sweat on is amazing. I think it would really help my lack of flexibility if I kept going too. 

This morning I felt really refreshed and my legs were ready to run! I had a ten mile tempo run on the training schedule and mapped out a route last night. If you need me in the mornings from 6:30 until 7:30, you will find me running along the country highways between St. Albert and the army base. That is the time that all of the hot military men drive to work. 

I wore shorts even though it was zero degrees Celsius (-5 with the windchill) when I left. On Wednesday I was so hot in the sun so I dressed a little lighter today. I froze for a mile or two but the sun warmed me up after that! I also wore the brightest shirt possible… just so those army men can see me.

I did the full ten miles, six of them at marathon pace (or faster). I started with an 8:37 warm-up mile, then did the six miles at 7:56 min/mile. I finished off with 3.4 miles 8:45 min/mile. I felt great although by the end of the tempo my glute was feeling it. I made sure to do my stretching, physio exercises, and foam rolling when I got home. I thought my legs had warmed up on the run but I think they just went numb 🙂

I was craving eggs for breakfast so I had one egg and a few egg whites on flax whole wheat toast, a side of cottage cheese, and a whole bunch of strawberries. It was the perfect protein-filled refuelling breakfast. 

Yesterday as I was leaving hot yoga, filled with iced coffee and sunshine and sweat, I realized how so many of our healthy decisions are connected. After I get a good sleep, I set myself up to make lots of healthy decisions throughout the day. I have more energy from the sleep to workout, and when I workout I feel great and make better decisions about what I eat. I crave fruits and vegetables. I drink a ton of water and it helps my skin stay hydrated. Success breeds success… so make one healthy/feel-good decision today and it will probably fuel another one… or another ten 🙂

What is ONE healthy decision you have made today?


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