Is this thing on? Using my HR Monitor!

I am really excited to use my Garmin heart rate monitor. On my first run with it, I strapped it on but never actually waited until the watch said “HR Monitor Detected” so I ran my run wearing the strap but not actually recording anything. Good job, Kris. This morning I knew better and made sure the little heart icon was solid and not blinking before I left. 

I took it easy today with my run and did a 0.4 mile warm up walk, a 3.1 mile run, and a 0.5 mile walk cool down. I broke 9:00 min/mile with my run which I haven’t been able to do since the beginning of April! It was a little cool out this morning so it took me a while to warm up and I think that has a major impact on how my glute feels. When it is warm it doesn’t hurt as much, so this -5 degree Celsius morning wasn’t as fun as I had hoped! 

I though the HR monitor was broken or something because my heart was beating at exactly 150 bpm for almost my whole run. I kept glancing to see if it would change and whether it was actually working or not, and finally it shifted between 146 and 154 bpm. My walking was obviously a little lower. I love this tool! 

I went to hot yoga last night and it actually went by faster the second time. I think it was because I knew what to expect and how many poses and such there were so I wasn’t constantly wondering what time it was or how much longer the class was. The owner of the studio was teaching the class and she was pretty good! She constantly gave beginner options for the poses… almost exclusively for me 🙂

I find that during and after hot yoga it is not hard to drink water at all. Sometimes I struggle to drink just plain water and have to add lemon or a squirt of MioSport or something but after those classes my body just craves plain water. I have also been eating a ton of fruit lately because it is so hydrating!

Walnuts, banana, and a drizzle of honey on my oatmeal… YES PLEASE. 

One of the reasons I took it so easy on my run today was the fact that I am doing a half marathon tomorrow. I registered for the local RunWild Half Marathon here in St. Albert, AB a long time ago because it was going to be a time trial for my marathon training. The original goal was to run a 3 mile warm up to the start of the race, and then do the race at goal marathon pace. Obviously my goals for this race have changed and despite my injury I still plan on doing the event… certainly not racing it though. 

If I feel any pain, I will stop. 
If I am sore in the morning, I will walk it. 
If I feel like I am pushing my glute too hard, I will stop. 

If I don’t feel like running, I will seek a medic, get a ride to the finish, and eat as many bagels as I can before the rest of the runners get there. 

I am going to take it easy, try and enjoy the event without putting stress on myself, even walk the whole thing, and just listen to my body. I haven’t worked this hard at recovering to blow it all at an event four weeks before Calgary!

Favourite oatmeal toppings?

Do YOU wear a heart rate monitor and found it useful?


  1. I’m going to crash the marathon and meet Kris part way in and run with her! haha. And btw, please don’t post anymore pics of me without make up.

  2. Craisins, almonds, and a sprinkle of cinnamon… Yum.
    Looking forward to toasting our respective half marathons tomorrow! Looks like Winnipeg & Edmonton are going to be about the same temperature tomorrow morning. Brrr 😉 good luck!!

  3. i used to wear a heart rate monitor when i was doing non-running exercise. i’m a numbers junkie and since classes don’t count as miles, i wanted somthing to measure my effort.

    i just decided i’m going to add walnuts to my breakfast tomorrow! your’s just looked too yummy 🙂

  4. I did when I started running. After using it for quite a while I got pretty good at knowing about where my heart rate was. Just before looking at it, I’d guess the number, then look. I was more likely to wear it during spin training to make sure I’m in the right zone, since it’s much harder to guess.

    1. Awesome!! I bet you get used to knowing where your HR is! Spin classes are definitely a whole new ball game!

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