Lunchtime fun plates.

I was a little sore this morning for my “easy” 4 mile training run which kind of scares me for my long run tomorrow. I never really know how my run is going to feel until my feet begin to hit the pavement. I can go to bed one way and wake up feeling totally different. I plan on icing a ton today and crossing my fingers for a good run tomorrow! I did one of my favourite routes, an almost perfect four miles that encounters zero traffic lights and practically no elevation change. The one little dip in elevation definitely caused my HR to spike as I tried to maintain the same pace going back up the little hill. 

It was nice to get out early and get the miles in before work and such. I hardly saw anyone out and about. When I upload all of my runs to GarminConnect, I like to see what kind of design my route turned out to be. I think that this one looks like a person graduating in a cap and gown. 

This is what one of my future running routes will look like. How freaking adorable is this proposal?

 I am loving what my mom calls “fun plate lunches” lately. When we would have lunch, even dinner sometimes, as kids, she would make “fun plates.” It is basically just a plate of different snacks compiled into a meal. My mom would give us lots of fun snacks on one plate like celery and peanut butter, cheese sticks, crackers, carrot sticks, cucumber and ranch, and such. For some reason we just loved these so much. 

I still love ’em. I try to include a bit of each food group, especially protein, in my lunches. It seems carrot sticks appear on each and every one of these plates. No wonder my skin is orange. 

A general trend for me is eating as healthy as I can, with a few treats in moderation. With these lunch fun plates I eat lots of veggies, healthy fats like avocado, low fat cheese, and nuts, and then some protein. I like adding a little treat snack like dark chocolate, a bit of trail mix, a little bowl of dry cereal, roasted edamame, or some dried fruit. I absolutely love hard boiled eggs for the protein part of this meal and my mom has a weird love of peeling hard boiled eggs. It works out perfectly… for me 😉

I am a very indecisive person when it comes to food. Instead of deciding between two things I am craving, I have a bit of both. “Fun” plates are the best meal because I can have a bit of sweet, a bit of salty, a bit of crunch, and a bite of a few different things. Also, you are never too old for ‘ants on a log.’

I love the above photo because that is exactly what I was thinking on my four miler this morning… “Am I still injured or just severely undertrained?” I keep wondering whether to push until the end and risk tearing my glute again, or just to hold off, take it easy, and lower the bar in Calgary to simply running an injury-free race. <– By writing that I think I just found my answer 😉 There is a fine line between training your body and breaking your body. I am so excited for my long run tomorrow so I am hoping for warm weather and no pain. Calgary is only three weeks away and I. AM. TERRIFIED. 

P.S. Go Habs Go!

If you were to make a fun plate with your favourite foods, what would it contain?!


  1. 3 weeks! Now why did you have to freak me out by saying that out loud? I think you answered yourself too, going the injury free route. If a tall guy with a huge ‘stache says hi during the race (I’m doing the half) don’t be freaked out, it’s just me.

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