Motivation May!

I’ve mentioned before that my family and I usually have some sort of monthly challenge going on for fitness, exercise, workouts, eating, or water intake. They are usually personal goals for ourselves that we work towards throughout the month. Over the past couple of months we have been slacking, myself included. Usually I am VIGILANT about my challenge and stick to it no matter what but in April I did a 25-a-day pushup challenge and MISSED at least 6 days. Now that it is MAY we decided to step it up, commit to our fitness, and motivate ourselves and each other. We had a little help with the motivation on the fridge door though 😉

Ryan Reynolds and his abs kicked off our Motivation May challenge. I am stepping up my game by committing to 30 pushups a day which may sound easy but I am a pansy with little to no arm muscle, so 30 pushups may have to be spread out over the entire day to get them done. Oh, and yes, of course Ryan Gosling is posted on the microwave. 

Instead of starting our challenges early or something ridiculous like that, my mom, my brother, and I went out for frozen yogurt last night. I put chocolate toppings and chocolate syrup on top of chocolate frozen yogurt. It was fabulous and looking at this picture makes me want more… 

My brother has the ability to fill every single nook and cranny of his bowl. He used 7 different flavours of frozen yogurt… I don’t understand this method, is there anything but chocolate?

This is more of a natural photo.

As you could tell, we were sitting OUTSIDE. It was TWENTY ONE degrees yesterday and it reminded me how much I love summer. I guess the freezing cold and snowy winter is good for something – making us appreciate the summer weather even more. On Tuesday night it was so nice, my brother and I went for a leisurely 20 km bike ride out in the country. Not a cloud in the sky and I only fell off of my bike once. Dang clip less pedals. 

I think the biggest motivator this month will be the changing weather. We are finally able to show some skin (but not too much because I don’t want to blind innocent people), and the sunshine just makes us want to be outside and get lots of fresh air. 

I kicked off Motivation May with my first ever green smoothie! Does that make me a bad fitness blogger if I haven’t tried green smoothies until now? Quite possibly. The colour is very deceiving with these drinks because they look like puke but taste like sunshine and ab muscles. 

I put frozen strawberries, spinach, a ripe banana, strawberry greek yogurt, and orange juice in the blender and you couldn’t taste the spinach at all. It was really fruity and delicious. Normally I don’t have anything even this substantial before the gym but I had a long workout today and knew I would need the fuel. I didn’t have any cramps or stomach issues with this bad boy which makes it the perfect pre-workout meal!

I hit up the spin bikes for a 75 minute endurance ride at the gym. I did 8 minutes speed, 2 minutes climb, repeated 6 times and then a “go-hard-or-go-home” final 5 minutes of just givin’ er on the bike. When I was done the ride I did my 30 pushups, lunges, glute bridges, wall sits, and side hip raises. 

I left the gym super sweaty but that was NOTHING compared to what I was going to endure. I went to HOT YOGA this morning for the first time in forever. I have only gone to two previous hot yoga classes simply because they scare me, I am extremely inflexible, and I don’t think the human body was meant to sweat that much.

I will post more about my hot yoga experience(s) soon because now I have a two week unlimited trial pass so I plan on going a ton. Let’s just say: it was hot, I started sweating when I walked in the room, it was 90 minutes long, I couldn’t do the full version of some of the poses, but somehow I really liked it. I think I lost 30875 litres of water so I will be drinking water like crazy today. I was double fisting the water and electrolytes on the way home.

A green smoothie and hot yoga all in one day… when do I get my hippie status card? I am so excited that my family is totally on board with a re-commit to fit. We have still been working out everyday and eating well, but it is the little things like forgetting about drinking lots of water during the day, the extra piece of chocolate that is no longer “every once and a while” and the skipped strength training. We are back on our game and ready to rock Motivation May. 

Who/What motivates YOU to be fit? (It is perfectly acceptable to say that a picture of Ryan Reynolds on your fridge motivates you 😉


  1. the only thing that has ever worked to motivate me is signing up for races. if i need extra on top of that, i ask a friend to sign up too so we can train together. the height of motivation is if a frienemy is also training and i know that i secretly want to beat him or her. 🙂 i’m a terrible person!

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