I am incredibly grateful that gave me the chance to review their products on my blog. Considering I spend half of my blog posts talking about how wonderful oatmeal is and showing you pictures of my giant bowls of oatmeal… it seems appropriate. I think of myself as somewhat of an oatmeal expert so you should probably take this review very seriously because many years of experience went into developing my keen oatmeal taste buds. 

Reviewing oatmeal on my blog? Ummm, heck yes. 
Customizing the oatmeal blend that I get to review? Double heck yes. 
Seeing this on the website when I go to order my oatmeal?


I think there is a flavour (or ten) for everyone in their selection. As they say on their website, “there are over 22 BILLION oatmeal combinations you can make.” I thought about trying something completely random and crazy and totally unlike me but then I figured I should probably use my highly developed O&PB skills to review what I know best… peanut butter oatmeal. 

I love a good hearty oatmeal in the morning so I added a ton of flax to my concoction, and of course peanut butter flavouring and peanut pieces. I started with the base of 5 grain rolled oats & flax. In one of the last sections it suggests adding a sweetener if you added flavour. Considering I added peanut butter as a flavour I figured I would take their suggestion and add a sweetener. 

You even get to name your oatmeal. I am obviously really creative. 

One of the cool things is their customized labels that display the ingredient list and nutritional information for YOUR specific oatmeal. No guessing at the exact details of your blend, they list it all for you and it is completely personalized from the blend inside the bag to the label to the home delivery. 

My peanut butter and flax oatmeal blend smelled like heaven. I personally think it would make a great potpourri but I guess some people don’t like their house smelling constantly like oatmeal and flax and peanuts? The good thing about is that YOU can make exactly what YOU want. They have gluten free options, lower calorie sweeteners, nuts and seeds to add some crunch and healthy fats, and sooooo many different flavours you would need a few months to try all of them. 

I cooked up a batch this morning and followed the directions to a tee. I am used to plain quick oats (with some flax seeds thrown in when it is almost done cooking) so this took a little longer to cook because it has big oat flakes, some quicker cooking, and some grainy ones… Oh lord… well I never said this was going to be a technical oatmeal review. First of all, the texture of this oatmeal is off the charts. It has so many different textures, pieces of oats, bigger grains, crunchy nut pieces, flax… a party in your mouth.

I added a banana after having a couple of bites of the oatmeal by itself. I am not going to lie… I wasn’t a huge fan of the flavoured oatmeal because it is 30714 times sweeter than I usually eat my oatmeal. If you like the flavoured Quaker oatmeal packets, you will LOVE this stuff. I normally stick to plain oats, flax, and some natural PB in my bowl so this stuff was a shock to my taste buds. I think if I ordered more I would totally cut out the sweetener – very unnecessary, especially if you are a plain oats girl like me. 

I did enjoy this bowl of oatmeal because of the 5 grain & flax blend and the peanut pieces but the flavour was just too much. I might try mixing this blend with some plain oats just to cut down the sweetness. If you are trying to transition from eating sugary cereal to hearty oatmeal, this would be an intermediate step 🙂 I may or may not have eaten a spoonful of natural peanut butter when I finished my bowl of oatmeal because I was still craving the salty and delicious goodness of PB. 

I definitely recommend this site because who doesn’t love a customized breakfast! I would say cut the sweetener and then if it is too bland for you, add some fruit or sweetness when you make your bowl of oatmeal. I love love love the 5 grain and flax blend because the texture is off the chain (is that still a saying?)… it just tastes healthy. If you hit up, you can see all of the different options and create a blend for yourself! I think next time I  will go for ‘Double Fudge Brownie’ and eat it for dessert 😉

If you could pick one of’s flavours, what would it be? 


  1. Umm that website looks incredible haha. I’m not a huge fan of super sweet oatmeal either, but the tiramisu sounds really good for dessert oats 🙂

  2. Fabulous blog, no wonder they selected you to do a review! Congrats, your amazing! B

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