New sunglasses that make me look mean.

I bought new running sunglasses so that I will be super aerodynamic when I run my marathon next weekend. I have come to the conclusion that all sport sunglasses make me look either A) like a man, B) mean, or C) both. I always just wore my normal sunglasses when running but they always slide down my face and get super sweaty and annoying, so I decided it was time to put my game face on and buy sport sunglasses. 

Even when I smile, it looks like a sarcastic smile. At least people will know not to mess with my when I am running. Except I kind of liked being the “happy-and-smiling-runner.”

I had a fabulous tempo run yesterday. 7 miles with 3 at sub-race pace of 7:45. It felt good to run faster and it just made me excited to run next weekend. I tried out my other pair of Champion shorts and they were wonderful. SO lightweight. I put on BodyGlide before I left so there was absolutely no chaffing. I also had the super awesome purple champion shirt on too and it was great!

I have been running out in the country, where there is less traffic and no stop lights. The views are incredible, especially when it is sunny. I didn’t bring my phone yesterday but this morning I put in my in pocket to snap a few shots of the sunny countryside in the morning. I ran 4 miles this morning, as per the schedule, and then walked another 3 and a bit home.

Canadian Running magazine had a great article on snapping the perfect running selfie… something I must admit, is super tough and when people see you doing it, they laugh. Here are some cardinal rules for snapping the perfect running selfie. 

Something I do pretty much every day whether you like it or not! It also helps me remember what shoes I wore for which run and keep track of how I felt in them. 

See… it’s ok that half of my pictures on the blog are blurry. Oh wait, they mean it’s only ok that the photos are blurry when you are running? Scratch that. 

Don’t. I repeat. Don’t. 

I put these rules to work this morning. 

One last “long” run tomorrow. My left glute has been getting sore for the past couple days and I don’t want to make it any worse. Ice has been my best friend. If I have to cut my run short tomorrow I will because now I know that rest helps injuries 😉 I really have been loving my new sunglasses, even though they make me look scary! The taper hasn’t been so bad so far but this week I think I have three scheduled rest days or something ridiculous like that. 

Do you wear sunglasses when you run? A hat? Favourite brand/type of sunglasses (not just for running)?


  1. Great sunglasses! It’s funny that I feel the same way about when I wear my shades running, lol. It looks like you have mastered the perfect running selfie! I have to go read that article now since I tend to do the running selfie a lot. 😉

  2. lol I don’t think there’s any way you’re going to be able to take YOUR face, Kris, and make it look “mean”, sunglasses notwithstanding! But nice try! Love the pics and you did a great job on the selfies, too. What a great idea, that whole oatmeal website, and you’re such a great ambassador!

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