Old shoes are just like old friends.

Last night it was way too gorgeous out not to go for a walk. I thought I would need a hoodie for the “light breeze” but I was sweating after walking half a mile. We walked to Costco to visit my brother at work and look at patio furniture. We caught Stuart just in time for his dinner break so we sat and awkwardly watched him eat. It was fun!

Three generations of ladies out for some fresh air after dinner. My mom says we are going to try and get out for as many after-dinner walks/bike rides as possible this summer which I love. Instead of cracking open our computers or watching TV, I like getting out, even just for 20 minutes. I think the fresh air helps me sleep too!

I had a glorious sleep-in this morning… working at noon is really nice sometimes. I am 100% unproductive in the morning leading up to work but that’s ok. It was a NO-run/rest/cross-training day today so I went to the gym for some light cardio and lots of stretching. I haven’t worn these shoes in forever but they felt like gloves sliding onto my feet. Old shoes are like old friends… it feels like they never left you and you have a good time whenever you are reunited. I don’t think I will ever wear them for running again because all cushioning is gone whatsoever but they make great lazy gym shoes.  

30 minutes on the stationary bike, 10 minutes of the Stairmaster (another old frenemy) and then 25 minutes of physio exercises and stretching. My LEFT glute all of a sudden feels tight and sore now so I am doing my best to keep the other side of my body from getting injured now! I have been keeping up with the exercises from physio and my daily stretching as much as possible. Considering it is only 10 days until the marathon, any little pain or tightness causes a near panic attack for me 😉

I feel that in general, many people don’t know how to engage their glute muscles and focus on making them stronger. As a society we tend to sit on our butts way too much, making our glutes weak and I read somewhere that the majority of teens, when asked to engage their glute muscles couldn’t even do it.

If you lay on your stomach, legs flat out behind you, tighten one leg and left it as high as you can without twisting your torso or hips, and then put it back on the ground – major glute workout. Your gluteus maximus will be firing like mad. Try it. 

I tried to capture the exercise in a photo but I think all this photo says is “JAUNDICE.” It’s the gym lights I swear. 

The sun was shining and I walked out of them gym with a smile on my face. It was already FIFTEEN degrees when I was finished my workout today… although that may have been because it was practically noon when I was done. We have used our bar-b-que every night for the past few nights and I hope that doesn’t change anytime soon. 

Random: The birthday balloon from when I turned 21 is still floating on my ceiling… aren’t those things suppose to lose their Helium after a while? If you need a very durable balloon that will last for two months or more for a special occasion, just ask my parents… they know where to buy the good ones. 

Favourite thing to do after dinner? Relax? Catch up on your favourite TV shows? READ MY BLOG? Go outside? Eat dessert? <– there is only one right answer by the way 😉


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