Post-Run Gym Routine.

Yesterday I had the day off and I got bored. I went for lunch with my Aunt who was in town and then of course Starbucks for an Americano. It was the one day I decided to wear a dress and the only day in the last month that it was rainy and windy. Nice.

I ended up grocery shopping… because where else would I go… and I saw naan bread and started craving curry. My dad has been sick so I decided to make a sweet potato curry soup. Any excuse to make soup! I didn’t buy the naan bread while I was shopping but I did my best to make it at home! The curry sweet potato soup was SO delicious and creamy. It has coconut milk in it (light) which made it so delicious. 

The homemade naan bread was successful as well! I always try out recipes on my dad because he eats anything and never has any complaints about my cooking! They didn’t have any whole wheat naan bread at the grocery store so I made it that way at home. Half whole wheat and half white flour. I have never made naan bread before and I burnt the first piece but it was really good! Perfect compliment to the soup!

Plus, I had the best company for the meal.

This morning I went to the gym and hit up the treadmill for my 9 mile run. I thought I saw a raindrop when I woke up, so better safe than sorry. I felt like I hadn’t been to the gym in ages… it was actually only three days. 

I did a 15 minute warm-up on the stationary bike, something I don’t get to do when I run outside. It got my legs nice and warm and then I jumped on the treadmill for my tempo run. 9 miles with 4 miles at a 7:54 min/mile pace. I wore capris and regretted it about 0.6 miles into the run. Has it always been that hot in the gym?

Another reason I went to the gym was for the cool down. When I get home from running outside I pretty much go down to the cool basement, lay on the ground and watch sports highlights, and then finally work up the energy to go upstairs and shower. I do less stretching than I should and I don’t do any strength. I have such high hopes for myself when I leave for my run… “I am going to do so many sit-ups when I get home… I’ll probably do pushups too… maybe like 30 minutes of arms… I’m going to rock the weight lifting after my run…” and then I get home and do nothing. 

My post-run gym routine is so much better. I take at least 5 minutes and walk on the treadmill for a bit of a cool down. I walk at usually half of the speed I was running because that is the automatic cool down setting on my gym’s treadmills. Sometimes I walk ridiculously slow.

I do a bit of strength training before my strength, so I start with the leg press. I don’t put any weight on usually if I am doing one leg at a time. I think this leg press has a 45 lb un-plated weight. I do three sets of 12 on each leg. 

I love calf raises so I have to include those. We use our calf muscles with every stride we take when running so better strengthen them up! My legs are much stronger than my arms and it is practically an arm workout just loading the plates onto the calf raise machine. 100 lbs baby. In between my three sets of calf raises I do the one leg toe touch exercise as suggested by my physiotherapist. 

I do love me some wall squats.

Hip abductors. Strengthening these bad boys helps reduce the stress on your glutes when you run. I had to take a break during the set of 30 when I started these at physio over 6 weeks ago but now I can do them all without stopping on each side. I also noticed a huge difference in the strength of each side of my body. 

Glute bridges. I also try using one leg at a time so that I can focus on strengthening the weaker side of my body. When using both legs, the stronger glute usually takes over and compensates for the weaker one. 

When I got home I iced my glute for 15 minutes. I got kind of sore by mile 7, which scared me, and made me complete this lengthy strength/cool-down routine 🙂 I notice that I get sore faster when I run on the treadmill versus running outside. I love the treadmill but it doesn’t love me back… 

Favourite strengthening/cool down exercise? 

Soup lover? Always. Favourite kind of soup?!


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