Race packing and race nerves.

I think it was only last night that it started to set in that I am running a marathon on Sunday. I received an email from the Calgary marathon letting me know my bib number and my aunt and I started planning what time we were leaving, where she would be cheering, what I needed to pack for the race and for before and after… and I started to get nervous. 

I have approximately 4 different race day outfits packed. The thing about running out of town races is that you have to be prepared. If I have learned one thing from the weather network it is that I should never trust the weather network. Besides stomach/digestive issues, the weather is probably the one stressful thing that you can’t control on race day. Risk of thundershowers? Guess we just have to roll with it. 

I mixed up one heck of a race playlist. It contains some old school Eminem, a few remixes of rock songs, and some new and catchy pop music. My favourite running song right now that gets me totally pumped is the Eye of the Tiger remix. Go listen to it here and picture yourself running to it… magic. I also painted my nails dark purple so I would feel like a badass who could run 26.2 miles. 

Today was another scheduled rest day and tomorrow I only have a couple of shake out miles that I will do before I stalk Bart Yasso and Dean Karnazes hit up the Calgary Marathon expo. I took some time when I woke up this morning to stretch and do a few physio exercises. Tapering makes me feel lazy. 

But, as I have learned… rest and recovery are apparently good things when it comes to running really long distances. As of now I have most things packed for the trip to Calgary. I reminded my brother last night to remember to pack all of his running gear for the race… he said that he would have forgotten if I hadn’t said anything. Ummmm… what? I have been making a list of things to remember on my phone for about 3.4 weeks now. How does someone forget? The first things that went into my suitcase were my shoes. Essential. 

I also made sure my Garmin was packed because how else will I know how much longer I will have to feel like death? 

I literally just jumped off of my chair to grab my heart rate monitor that I would have forgotten to pack had I not included this picture of my Garmin. I FORGOT IT ON THE LIST!

Next up, race fuel. I know I can pretty much buy sugary gummies anywhere, and probably at the expo, but I like knowing they are in my suitcase and ready for race day.

Besides the 8103 items of clothing I have packed for a two-night trip, the most random item in my suitcase are my bathing suit bottoms. Not the top, just the bottoms, in case I have time to take an ice bath after the marathon. If I do, someone may have to help me get out of the bath, but what are moms for amirite? 

I am working today and heading down to Calgary this afternoon. I will be at the expo tomorrow so if you see me, say hi! If it looks like I have been crying it is because I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I will be running for like 4 hours on Sunday. Nerves, excitement, and panic… that’s what runners live for!

The countdown is on.


  1. I’m so excited for you! Reading this post made ME nervous and I’m not even running a marathon this weekend…LOL. I always paint my nails a cool colour for a marathon and I actually had that exact same flavour of honey stingers in the athlete’s village at Boston. 🙂 GOOD LUCK & Kick butt! 😉

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