Rainy errands and a windy run.

Yesterday I had a fabulous rest day, mostly because it was raining all day and I was cold from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. I got up in the morning and did some stretching, foam rolling, and ball rolling. It was nice to have a relaxing morning and just watch TSN while I stretched. My glute was a bit sore from my 12 mile run on Sunday so after my stretching I iced it. 

After work I had a few errands to run and it was so rainy and windy. I feel like every time I had to get out of my car and run from store to store, it decided to rain harder. Even when it stopped raining, the clouds were dark and you knew another round was coming. I didn’t like what the rain did to my hair but I actually kind of liked the rainy day. Everything always smells so fresh after it rains and the dust/dirt/pollen has been crazy around here lately so I think the rain helped settle it a bit. 

Plus, April May showers bring May June flowers! The trees went from bare and brown to green and lush within about 2.7 hours a couple of days ago. I love it!

I had to get a couple of groceries yesterday afternoon so I went to Superstore and was so excited when I saw THIS. I have been wondering where to buy Vega products after having tried a few of them. I thought maybe specialty whole foods stores or something because they are one of the only plant-based sports product lines but they were right down the “Natural Food” aisle in Superstore! They even have my favourite vanilla Performance Protein!

I am turning into my mother. Whenever my mom goes to Superstore to get groceries, she buys a snack from the bulk section to eat on her way home from her errands. She didn’t tell anyone that she did this because it was her treat, but then I found about three empty plastic bulk bags in her car… She usually goes for blue whale candies but I was craving some salty pretzels yesterday so I bought myself a snack. These pair well with a soy americano misto by the way. 

This morning I had a 4 mile run on the schedule. It was a little windy and I am glad I wore my rain/wind breaker. I didn’t really know what pace my body would feel like running today because of my glute muscles and my major fear of injury, so I started slow and as I warmed up I ran faster. I think my last mile was about 7:53. I ended up with negative splits of about 8:45, 8:28, 8:13, and 7:53. 

My heart rate showed some similar trends. 

When I got home I did some wall sits, all of my physio exercises, the 8 minute abs video times two, and I stretched. This whole tapering thing is strange. My body expects 90-120 minutes of gym time ‘er day. I can’t wait until I can get back to the gym for some serious workouts again but I am getting really excited/nervous for the marathon. Only 5 more sleeps!

I think I have two training/tapering runs left until the big day. Lots of stretching, icing, and rest will be happening this week! 

Tell me something RANDOM about yourself! I just rewatched the entire ten seasons of FRIENDS over the past few weeks. 


  1. Random fact: if I come across an episode of Seinfeld on TV, I’ve probably seen it multiple times already but still feel the need to sit and watch it. Lol
    – Shawn

  2. We had a similar thing happen here with the trees. It’s been rainy and windy here too :S Although it is kind of refreshing. 🙂 I hope you have super weather for your MARATHON!!!

    Random: I’ve been watching the Golden Girls the past two evenings, lol. Apparently I’m 80.

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